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  1. Your off air signal may be weak. Assuming all parts are performing properly, relocation of your antenna would be all that is needed. You must must establish good signal availability to begin with before questioning anything in the system. This is the basis for any reception issue in any location. It would be pointless changing plugs and leads to get your car running properly, if you were using **** petrol in it wouldn't it?
  2. A true mobile phone issue will be 24/7 on every channel. An overloading amp may be all or some of the channels but not necessarily 24/7. Never use panels with trees or multiple transmitters around unless you absolutely have to for more gain to drive an amp. Been saying this for years and finally the gurus are agreeing with me. What is ime?
  3. True ducting will happen near water on very hot days/nights. Belmont near the 16 footers and bottom end of Evans St and side streets in your area. Also Dudley and Merewether. Merewether is getting it from Coffs Harbour. A phone tower issue will be every channel 24/7. Plenty of signal strength but the quality is totally wiped out. This will show up on a meter. If Bunnings is in your way you are in the wrong area for ducting issues. You will most probably have line of site to the Belmont transmitter also. These idiots who leave old amps installed and install filters should be updating the amps with built in 4G protection. Better still, look for better off air signal and get rid of the amp or use a distribution amp if needed. Various streets off Evans, I've had to install 15 masts and go to Belmont with great success. Could not get any sense out of Sugarloaf and DON'T use phased array antennas, asking for trouble.
  4. Would like promax prodig 1 satellite meter.
  5. Any installer have old stock of the promax prodig 2 meter they want to sell? Must still power up mastheads. Any spare cases also.
  6. You can couple them with a 2 way splitter in reverse.
  7. ABC and SBS services from Newcastle and Wyong are using the same frequencies. For some reason the ABC can be completely knocked out where SBS isn't. Can I put this down to a timing delay with ABC's transmission? My meter registers good signal strength but no quality. I fixed one customer's reception getting the antenna as low on the roof as I could with still good signal being received into it and used a log periodic antenna. I was also informed about a possible temperature inversion issue in the area. (near the water at Belmont) I haven't had another job in the same area since, although his neighbours said they would call. Apparently his neighbours all got their antennas re-directed to Sugarloaf because they lost the ABC when analogue was knocked out.
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