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  1. A 'salesman' at JBHiFi told me to look for Samsung, LG and Sony in that order. But I want to know SPECIFICALLY and DEFINITEVELY about the three features I mentioned, rather than whether a brand has a good reputation.
  2. I'm in the market for a small TV between 20 & 32 inches. It must have a USB port to attach external hard drives and flash sticks. It must play a wide range of video formats, like Videolan's VLC does. It must be possible to map my favourite TV channels to the ten digits keys. It must be able to show the listing of current and scheduled programs - say, a week, ahead. Is this too much to ask, or already standard ? Any particular brand or model I should look for ?
  3. I am distracted by the transmited images when I am trying to set the timer program; so for my programing, I'd like to tune to a 'blank' screen. My attempts at manual tuning have failed to achieve that. I'd welcome any hints to get rid of transmittion during timer setting.
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