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  1. I love you guys! Thank you all so much. Kaz, Mr Robot, Cowboyswing and , your kind words do my heart good. Mixo, I'm so sorry that you didn't get the usual TCC treatment that we've become so well known for but rest assured I will personally take care of it from here. Call me at the shop on 1300 85 4441 or email me at warrick@thecableconnection.com.au and I'll make up for and shortcomings that you may have experienced.
  2. Well TCC certainly would like to lend their support, and hope that both Blade and Mrs Blade recover and find better times!
  3. Great movie, just misses having the impact of Skyfall, but only just
  4. This one is a simple one boys and girls. We have 2 brand new Usher R1.5s that have got to go. Below cost at $2199. First come first served http://www.thecableconnection.com.au/Usher-R15---2-Channel-Class-A-Power-Amplifier.html
  5. I would have to investigate that figjam. If Emotiva are prepared to give us the products for 40% less because of the vouchers then of course we'll make it happen. As with everything, the best way for us to figure it all out is call the shop on 1300 85 4441
  6. That's right Ladies and Gents, Emotiva is coming to Aus and you will be able to access it through your old friends at TCC. We won't be publishing any pricing in the forum but we will be offering the best possible deals for all our friends here at DTV. As always give us a call at the shop on 1300 85 4441 for updates on when they will arrive and what the landed pricing will be. Taking pre-orders now with and ETA of around 3 - 4 weeks. Here's a link for a tease... http://www.thecableconnection.com.au/default.asp?Keyword=emotiva&x=0&y=0&page=searchview
  7. You heard right folks, TCC do have access to Emotiva now which we are rather excited about. We haven't announced anything just yet because the product hasn't landed in the country yet, but rest assured that when it does we will definitely have some red hot DTV pricing going on
  8. It might also be an idea to have a listen to why certain things look certain ways. For instance as explained in the making of Jurassic Park there were massive difficulties with the T-Rex, especially given they had to wet it. I've seen Jurassic World and cannot understand where the POV about looking fake is coming from, that said each to their own. My final thought would be if you disliked it so much, then why would you bother to spend some much time commenting on it. I believe the next sentence is, just saying!
  9. Forum member Prior can assist with Elektra queries
  10. There's one little secret about TCC that some of you may still not be aware of, so I thought I'd post it on here so that everyone will know. DTV members don't have to wait for an advertised special to save with TCC! We'll happily do amazing pricing for any member who calls up and gives us their DTV forum user name...every day of the week!! Just call us at the shop on: 1300 85 4441 So don't just sit there waiting for the deals to come to you. Demand a deal today!! Talk to you all real soon.
  11. Good afternoon folks. The Cable Connection is once again proud to be putting together another GTG on Saturday November 7th at 1PM. For logistical and demo reasons, this GTG will be held at former DTV forum member Yorac's residence in Lyndhurst. Along with providing the usual munchies we expect to have some gear from BenQ and possibly another couple of yet to be announced products on hand on the day. Please indicate your interest to attend via posting in this thread. We (TCC) also welcome any other our fellow commercial members that may want to contribute anything of interest from a demo point of view, PM any interest. Thanks again to all the good folks at DTV and we look forward to a pre Xmas catch up.
  12. Heard of spoilers for those that may not have seen it.
  13. ^^Well said Peter, and I hope it clarifies the difficulty in import ing for some here. Very easy to shoot from the lip folks, but just remember not to shoot the risk taker along the way!
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