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  1. We plan on having a demo afternoon at The Lilydale International (function room). Date – Saturday 10 Dec. 2016 System will consist of- Evoke “Eddie” loudspeakers Source – Wyred 4 Sound Music Server with USB connection via Wyred 4 Sound Recovery – reclocker. DAC – Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2DSDse Cables by WyWires and Wyred 4 Sound Preamplifiers – Zesto Audio Leto and Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) Thoebe II Power amplifiers – Zesto Audio Bia 120 (Pure Class A 60 watts per channel) Monoblocks – Wyred 4 Sound’s all new SX-1000R (570 watts @ 8ohms and 1140 @ 4 ohms) Please join us for some great music and feel free to bring a CD – as we will take a CD player to assist any music requests. Please RSVP your name and contact number to Peter @ [email protected]