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  1. Hey all I have a set of Sony MDR-SA5000 I don't use that often as I have others I use, But I do Love these so I need to fix them, The R-Speaker stopped working just wondering if anyone could help by letting me know where to start to try and find a replacement for it ,It would be an easy install just have to find one, It has a silver-Dragon after market cable I checked all the wires they are fine so I checked the speaker with a multi-meter and the speaker is no good any advice can the speakers be upgraded.. ...!! Cheers Shane
  2. Hey stephen not sure if you seen it but I Pm'ed you 5hrs ago. Cheers
  3. Where did you get the Sony x9500g for under $2000 ,
  4. Not necessary but thought my old TV was 60" and was 10yrs old so 75" would be a great up grade I was looking at something like the LG-75SM8600PTA if I can push it to $2500 or the LG-75SM7600PTA for $2000 There is also a Sony-X8000G 75", for $2000. So many hard to know the best buy...
  5. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone can help me in the right direction my wife just rang and informed me that, My 60" TV in the lounge room just blew-up so time for an upgrade my budget is around the $2500 mark I will be Neg diff shops for a 75" what would you recommend Brand Model number etc; Cheers....
  6. I've read and watched a lot of reviews on the LG-V40 and they where all good, Supposedly Great screen, Great specs, Great cameras, Great dac and one of the only phones left with a 3.5 headphone jack.. Fingers crossed lol..
  7. What are peoples thoughts on the LG-V40 128gb 6gbr +++ as they are on Ebay for $548 on sale ,,Cheers.
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