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  1. There is a guy selling them on ebay .. FURUTECH FP-701M XLR CONNECTOR (MALE) | eBay
  2. I just got one of these and there fantastic exceptional sound quality and for this price with those Tubes it's a steal and Bruce is a top bloke .GLWS
  3. Make an offer Ben help him out bro $499 $399 $299 $199 🤪
  4. @Bengineer DARKVOICE 337SE DUAL TUBE HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER | Headphones & Earphones | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Mount Ommaney | 1266592724 Don't know if this is something you'd be interested in, He's up your way and said he's very Neg..
  5. Variety is the spice of life, A change is like a Holiday, "Obsessive Compulsive" 🤪🤪
  6. I will Matt, Im listening to it now and yes it was great meeting you too your a great bloke and a wealth of knowledge Thanx again my friend..
  7. Another one for you Neil @BlueOceanBoy Enjoy bro.
  8. It's a great Amp bro I have it matted up with the Pontus and it sounds fantastic super smooth chocolaty and lush it's reviewed as a Tubey sound signature warm side of neutral hence the purchase of the 339i and I would say the reviews are spot on..
  9. Yeah mate the Artemis is a great HP amp but never had a Tube amp so thought I'd give it a go...
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