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  1. Hey mate, It was just this cheap Fiio, fiio taishan d03k TV > optical > Fiio > rca > Amp
  2. I think you're right - it's just an incompatibility. As the TV isn't outputting anything particularly high res, I've just bought a cheap DAC to put in between the two and run RCA into the Amp, which works fine. Music gets played via USB from my laptop so the current setup is fine.
  3. Hey mate, Yea I thought maybe it didn't like the sample rate, so I tested with my headphone amp outputting via optical into the Halo, it worked fine at anything between 48 - 96khz up to 24bit (Halo max 24bit 96khz over optical). Would the TV be any lower than 48? Could that be it? I'm not sure how to check exactly what it's outputting.
  4. Hi guys, I have a weird problem with my Samsung MU7000, specifically with the optical out and my Parasound Halo Integrated amp. The amp is brand new, and before this I was running the TV optical out to my old Yamaha AVR, which worked flawlessly. Now the problem with the Halo is that every few seconds or so when using the TV's optical output, the sound skips/pauses (tiny tiny skip, but noticeable). I've tried 3 optical cables and they have the same issue. The weird part is this used to work fine with my Yammy, and I have tested the Halo's optical in from other sources and that works too so I'm baffled. Here's what works flawlessly: TV > Optical Out > Yamaha TV > Optical Out > Headphone DAC/AMP > Headphones Laptop > USB out > Headphone DAC/AMP > Optical Out > Halo And this doesn't work well at all: TV > Optical Out > Halo TV audio setting is PCM for digital out. As far as I can tell the TV's optical out works fine (I've been using it for years with the Yamaha), AND the input on the Halo works fine as well. Any ideas? I've emailed Parasound but no reply as yet. Thanks!
  5. Thanks roger - I'm leaning towards an original Halo Integrated (not Hint6). I can get one for 4k delivered - is that a reasonable deal? Was listed at 5.
  6. Also looks great but probably pushing it on price, will have a look around. Cheers
  7. I've done some research on the M5si you mentioned rantan - it does look great, except for the USB digital only which is a bummer. Not sure why they wouldn't put an optical on it. Anyway it's on the shortlist while I keep looking. I'd rather not have to get a separate DAC for optical in if I can avoid.
  8. Thanks, I'll have a look at that one. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have optical input though. Cheers,
  9. Hi guys, I have a set of Paradigm Studio 60's - https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/type=tower/model=studio-60/page=overview They are currently being run through a Yamaha RV-V775 - https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v775/index.html I basically use these exclusively for music, so I'm looking at getting away from the AVR and upgrading to (probably) a stereo integrated. Preferences: 1. Stereo integrated. I really only want one unit. 2. Digital input (must have at least optical). Budget: 2 - 4k The speakers were only around $2200 from memory a few years back. I want a great sounding amp so willing to spend up to my max if it's worth it, however if that's more than they deserve 2-3k is fine. Thanks in advance!
  10. Cheers. Swapped it over. All good so far (time is changing in active standby).
  11. G'day there, Apologies if this is not in the correct area. I have searched this forum, others and the internet in general for an answer on this and haven't been able to find one. I've had my Topfield 2400 for a few days now and have mostly ironed out any small issues I've found, except this last one! Basically the unit does not keep time in standby mode. For instance if I put it into standby (active in this case, so I can see the clock), at say 12.01 pm, it will never move from this time, but rather just display 12.01 indefinitely. If I switch it back on and go into EPG it will take anywhere from 10 to 25 seconds to update the time (move the red line to the correct spot). Basically this renders the unit useless in standby mode as if I have anything scheduled for recording, it never reaches the time and hence simply doesn't record it. Things I have tried: - With or without ICE TV enabled - AUTO time (from signal) - Manual time - Factory reset - Active or passive standby It's a brand new unit with the following in 'system status': Loader version v1.03 (firmware?) Device version v1.01 Last update Jan 7th 2013 I realise a temporary fix is to leave it on all the time, but would prefer to be able to leave it in standby. Thanks in advance
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