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  1. A recent change to the system means i have to sell this amazing pre amp. I lusted after one for years having heard it in system that created the most realistic soundstage I've ever had the pleasure of hearing from an audio system. 2 years ago I got the opportunity to buy that very unit and for the last 2 years I have enjoyed using it. Unfortunately i don't live in a vacuum and I've had to make the music room more family friendly, so the Audible Illusions must go. Michael Fremer in a Stereophile review stated: "... the original 3 was and is a terrific product, clearly one of the best preamplifiers on the market irrespective of price" My loss, your gain. I would be interested in any sort of a trade involving either a Proac Response 2, 2.5 or 3 $1500 OBO Please ask for images if you are at all interested.
  2. Thank you, i couldn't see any mention of them being sold. Still learning the site
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