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  1. I've decided not to sell this item anymore. What was I thinking!
  2. I thought XT was a Falcon model.
  3. Located in Newcastle - bring your Tongan friend to help lift it out. Gloss Black - Bash amp. $1500
  4. That will buy the box - well maybe the manual. I'll even throw in the batteries from the remote.
  5. Currently going for a $1.00 on ebay. Come on - make me an offer....someone.........
  6. Wolfman. I suppose you will have to do your own research on the 4810. I know that many forum members recommended this as amongst the very best a few yrs ago. I'm located in Newcastle. But I have the box and it could be couriered I guess. Price? I think in Aus the RRP was $6000. Can't remember exactly but cost about $3500? from Singapore at the time. Say $1700?. Maybe some knowledgable forum members would like to offer an opinion?
  7. Probably worth $8k a few years ago Warren, but alas like all audiophile equipment, undervalued in the era of mp3's.
  8. I've got a SVS ultra 13 (but its's not for sale). I also had a DD15 which I sold some time ago. The SVS in my opinion is not only a better subwoofer to the DD, but far better value. Can't go wrong with the SVS.
  9. Yep - i think your right - I'm also the old oldknees, the knees are just older now. No upgrade pack on mine - looking at my original post I must have purchased this around mid 2010. Got it via KEC in Singapore, like everyone else at the time.
  10. One final one - I've also got a pair of JM Lab Electra BE 937 - limited 25th Anniversary edition for sale.
  11. A random post - so my post count goes up!
  12. Strange that my post count is not higher - I have not posted since 2010 but have done so previously. I can search my previous posts.
  13. Selling a Silver 4810 with box / manuals - everything A1. Not sure of the value of the thing. Make me a sensible offer?
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