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  1. FYI I did get them, very happy. I can see why these cost so much originally.
  2. I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Krix Esoterix 1 MkII speakers for $450 Worth it? What are these speakers like? I currently have some low/mid range Infinity 3 way floorstanders (Delta 40) that don't have alot of bass. I will be running them through a NAD C375BEE Cheers
  3. Woops. Could someone move this to the appropriate forum?
  4. Hey everyone i noticed some speakers on gumtree recently. They are JPW ML-1010 floorstanding speakers. Rated at 150w, English made. $200 I was thinking, would they be better than my current set? which is a pair of Energy XL-25's. Thanks
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