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  1. Yep I think it's not enough posts. Don't know how many are needed as I can't find the rules, but posts to Classifieds don't count. Try posting in New Member Introductions. Because you can't accept messages yet, I can't PM you either unfortunately.
  2. Designed to be wall mounted. Screen drop is adjustable. You set the limit using the controller and it remembers it next time you extend the screen. It's all boxed up now so I can't take a measurements, but from memory: - black border on sides is roughly 50-60mm - it has quite a long black leader so you can extend the screen further. I'd guess at least 500mm, possibly more. Sorry to be vague, but I didn't ever use the extra length.
  3. Further information: 100 inch 16:9 motorised screen. TCC (The Cable Connection) white-label brand. (TCC was a Melbourne retailer with an active presence here years ago, no longer in business.) White powdercoated housing. Wired control box with up/down/stop buttons, plus an RF remote control. Original box. Works perfectly. Some minor curling at the screen edges which is typical of this type of retractable screen. Packing size: 261cm x 14cm x 14cm. I can fit it in my hatchback with the back and front passengers seat down. Just squeezes in between the front and back windscreens! Please check your car dimensions before you attempt pickup. Video of the screen retracting Photos:
  4. Further information: Excellent 1080p 3D capable projector with THX certified display modes. Originally purchased on a group buy here. Served me well but have upgraded to a recent Epson model. Only 846 hours on an Epson lamp. Non-smoking home. Original box, remote control, power cable and CD with manual. I'll throw in a bonus 10m HDMI cable if you require it. Specs and manual Throw calculator Photos:
  5. Been a couple of months since I posted this question, but just to close the loop ... I ended up biting the bullet and buying a new 4k capable AVR. Didn't buy or test any splitters. Thanks for the help and suggestions though.
  6. Thanks Mr_Gimlet. EzyHD is a great local option! Been buying their cables for years.
  7. No, just the one - projector. The AVR wouldn't have a display plugged into it's output, so I guess it won't report any EDID? If so the splitter would just see the projector, so it should be all good. Sync may be an issue though, as you point out. I can adjust audio delay/ahead in Kodi but not any other media player. Thanks, that's purpose built to solve just this problem. $USD164 inc shipping =~ $AUD250. Plus possible GST. Not cheap as you say. You're right of course - this splitter solution might be a frustrating dead end. The HDFury shouId work, but it's expensive and returns might not be possible. I'm just resisting an extra $1k expense when my current AVR is completely fit for purpose in terms of audio. (I only have a 5.1 speaker setup.)
  8. My current setup is an Epson TW9100 projector and Yamaha RX-V1067 receiver. Both a little old and only 1080p capable. I'm considering upgrading the projector to 4k, but would like to hold off on a receiver upgrade for now. Source will be an Nvidia Shield. Thinking an HDMI signal duplicator (1 input, 2 output) like this TESmart splitter on Amazon could work to send an unobstructed 4k@60Hz HDR signal to the projector simultaneously with a 7.1 Dolby TrueHD/DTS-MA signal to the amp. I know you can get other splitters that output HDMI video and S/PDIF audio, but that would restrict the audio to lower-res 5.1. The one I linked seems to tick all the boxes, but I'm a bit worried about this apparent contradiction in the description: "Supports simultaneous 4K and 1080p output." "With smart EDID management, let the source device sends suitable A/V contents to the variable displays." That's good! "if you are running multiple displays with different resolutions, the splitter will send the lowest "common" resolution to all displays. " That's bad, and contradicts the above? For $45 I'll take a punt, but if I go out and buy a new 4k projector and the splitter solution doesn't work then I'll have to also purchase a 4k capable receiver - a lot more than $45! Anyone have any suggestions or experience?
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