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  1. I've been playing around with my settings, all anxious and nervous like, and I've noticed that if I set my fronts and surrounds to small the SW seems to get too much signal and the music seems to lose gravitas or depth. I've only just started to play around with a spl app on my phone but intend to get a dedicated meter. I know that everywhere I read says to set those speakers on "small" but I seem to get better sound out of the "large" setting. It's sounding a lot better than it ever has but I can't help thinking it could even be better if I knew what I was doing. Also, I didn't want to raise the SW level too high as it reads way lower (on the meter) than the other speakers. I did jack it up a bit, but it seemed to me that to come equal to the other speakers I really had to go way higher than all the other speaker levels. I mainly play music (love my SA-CDs) so it's rarely 7.1. Any pointers would be appreciated. TIA My system: AVR: Marantz SR8012 Front Speakers: Jamo C809 Centre: Jamo C80 CEN Surronnds: Jamo C80 SUR Surround Rears: Jamo S60 SUR (yet to be upgraded) Subwoofer: B&W DB2D Player: Cambridge CXUHD
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