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  1. 7Mate HD will launch on January 16 according to a message displayed on 7 Food (channel 74).
  2. Your Money Live is gone from FTA here in Melbourne (and presumably elsewhere) and Foxtel. Apparently this happened on May 17 (according to Wikipedia). On FTA, LCN 95 is now 9Gem HD. This happened on June 14 in Darwin, June 19 in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, abnd June 20 in Sydney. Source: Wikipedia.
  3. More info: https://tvtonight.com.au/2018/10/seven-serves-up-7food-channel.html, although the article says it starts on 1 December, not 4 November. Also, SBS's Food Network will become SBS Food from 17 November https://www.sbs.com.au/food/article/2018/09/27/free-247-food-channel-you-love-food-network-will-now-evolve-sbs-food.
  4. I turned on my TV today and after tuning into channel 7, noticed that there's a new channel 74, titled 7food network. The program guide lists a program Coming Soon ! (with the space before the !) until 5:59 am tomorrow, then no programs until Sunday midday, after which regular programs begin (e.g. Better Homes and Gardens). Although the channel is in MPEG4, there is no picture or sound; my TV just displays a black screen, followed by the screen saver and and an error message - Invalid Service.
  5. It launched yesterday (Tuesday) and is a copy of the main channel. http://more.skynews.com.au/sky-news-on-win/
  6. It was available on Tuesday, Ch53 Northern NSW & Gold Coast and Ch83 everywhere else that WIN is available.
  7. It was back on DAB+ here in Melbourne by early this morning.
  8. Is this happening anywhere else? I was tuning past some DAB+ stations this morning went past Koffee, but the music sounded more like Smoth FM. In fact there were occasional announcements for Smooth FM, but they were for Smooth 95.3, i.e. Sydney not Melbourne. They also had the occasional ad, again Sydney related. It wasn't a rebroadcast of Smooth 95.3 itself. This afternoon it's still the same. Koffee is still on the internet though, so what's going on?
  9. I was in Singapore recently, and they are going through the process of switching to digital TV. Here is a comparison of their transition to digital TV compred to ours. Transition period Digital TV in Australia launched on January 1 2001, while analog TV was switched off between June 30 2010 and December 10 2013 - a total of up to almost 13 years. Digital TV in Singapore launched in June 2006, while analog TV will be switched off on December 31 2018, a total of around 12.5 years. Analog Swithch-Off Date Analog TV was switched off at different times in Australia, from June 30 2010 to December 10 2013. Digital TV will be switched off in Singapore at the same time, on December 31 2018. Transition to DVB-T2 Australia remained on DVB-T and is only lately experimenting with DVB-T2. Singapore began DVB-T2 transmission in December 2013, and will completely transition to DVB-T2 when analog TV is switched off. Warning Messages Australian analog TV channels displayed a warning message that people need to switch to digital a few weeks before they were switched off. Singapore's analog TV channels were already displaying the warning message in mid July (if not earlier), over 5 months before they would be switched off. In addition, they have "Analogue" written below the logo, which had been present since 6 November 2017. Pay TV penetration Pay TV penetration is about 20-30% in Australia and much higher in Singapore, so a smaller proportion of Singaporeans have to worry about analog TV switchover. NOTE: Some of the information above is from Wikipedia.
  10. KRTest has become the new Kinderling Kids radio and the volume is OK now. Meanwhile, there's a new station. The old Kinderling has become Urban Hits. It currently features an audio loop telling people to rescan their radio to hear Kinderling Kits Radio, and that Urban Hits will launch tomorrow.
  11. Kinderling Kids Radio has been playing an announcement that from July 1, you may need to rescan your radio in order to keep on receiving Kinderling Kigs Radio. The new version of the station is on the air, currently called KRTEST. It has the same bitrate and is relaying Kinderling Kids Radio, but at lower volume, which shouldn't happen given that with digital, you should be able to just copy the numbers so that the volume should be identical.. This is in Melbourne. Presumably the same thing is happening in other cities where you can get Kinderling Kids Radio.
  12. OK I can answer myself for this one, because there's another match on at the same time and that's on SBS 2. For the above example, there's also: 40. Iceland vs Croatia — Wed 27 Jun KO 04:00 English (SBS Radio 2), Croatian (web-only stream)
  13. Why is SBS replacing the BBC World Service on SBS 3 with coverage of some world Cup matches when coverage in the same language is also on SBS 1? For example, according to https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/korean/en/audiotrack/fifa-world-cup-sbs-radio-broadcasts-all-64-matches-live-multi-languages-including-korean 2. Egypt vs Uruguay — Fri 15 Jun KO 22:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Arabic (Arabic 24), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) 7. Argentina vs Iceland — Sat 16 Jun KO 23:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) 6. Peru vs Denmark — Sun 17 Jun KO 02:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) 18. Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia — Thu 21 Jun KO 01:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Arabic (Arabic 24), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) 20. Iran vs Spain — Thu 21 Jun KO 04:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) 29. Belgium vs Tunisia — Sat 23 Jun KO 22:00 French (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), French (SBS Radio 3) 30. England vs Panama — Sun 24 Jun KO 22:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2), Spanish (SBS Radio 3) But this doesn't happen all the time, e.g.: 13. Belgium vs Panama — Tue 19 Jun KO 01:00 Spanish (SBS Radio 1), English (SBS Radio 2) And why do they replace BBC World Service on SBS Radio 3 in some cases when another SBS channel is free? For example: 39. Nigeria vs Argentina — Wed 27 Jun KO 04:00 English (SBS Radio 1), Spanish (SBS Radio 3)
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