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  1. But he actually says ... “Official Download. Sounds amazing, crystal clear and balanced. Awesome work. I'm very surprised! It doesn't follow today's habits in mixing. If all new albums sound like that...” i think album sounds awesome (off tidal)
  2. No idea what an A-lens is..... I am using a kino-torsion mkII Schneider lens.... its a 1.33x anamorphic lens (whatever that is)....
  3. Actually it hasn’t worked. Can get 4K but I can’t get V-stretch to go with masking for letterbox. looking at upgrading to the 570 which I am told will do V-stretch.
  4. “Virgin vinyl” - Sounds incredible
  5. Yes...I’m a bit worried about that too! But it is bamboo - it does get hot but so far, so good, no issues. Time will tell. Have only had amp on for max 3-4 hours. I certainly won’t leave it on for extended periods unattended or I might burn the house down!
  6. After a long thread a few months back asking for help with a new system to go with my new 805s for my study I have finally had my new system delivered and I’m thrilled with it. Luxman PD171a TT Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge Luxman EQ500 phono stage PSaudio DAC (for when I get lazy and just want to listen to Roon) Primaluna evo400 amp Atacama rack Need to work on interconnects and need some new speaker cable and will probably get a power conditioner but all in good time. It’s funny, I built the system around the speakers (and integrated amp) and now I think the front end is so good that eventually I will change the amp and speakers. Oh....and I totally blew the budget 😂😂😂 A big thank you to everyone who helped me along the way.
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