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  1. 4k/24p what is 24p - is that frames per second? should I get more? Is that where the newer HDMI cables will help? Will it make a difference if I get 50-60fps if possible? Pic looks great as is....
  2. So I tried this... I took HDMI cable out of HDMI1. I plugged it into HDMI2. 4k. Took 5 years to find that out. Took 5 seconds to swap HDMI inputs.. 😳 Thank you so very much....
  3. Thank you all. Trial set for weekend. Life (and work) keeps happening! Could someone please press pause?.... All advice greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  4. Sweet potato is a FODMAP and will give you bad gas 😷
  5. Shocka day - just got home. Think this trial will need to wait ‘till Thursday now but thank you guys. ...And just got a new lamp also for the vw500es. Anyone know if it is a simple DIY job? My projector is hanging from ceiling upside down. Can I change the lamp without taking it down u reckon? ...sizeable donation to SN brewing I reckon!!!!! Especially if this works!
  6. I’m totally lost about “reverse”....I just want 4K from panny to my projector.
  7. Thanks. Will try a new cable. Means a run thru the ceiling but can at least try it along the carpet first. Tried 4.2.0 also. Didn’t work either, interestingly the dealer had set 4K to “off”.
  8. Cable is transparent hdmi with Ethernet. 5 years old. It is about a 7m run from cinema to av room. Have never achieved 4K but wasn’t fussed previously (as I did not know, nor did I understand it). Only recently noticed my 4K movies are playing in 1080 thanks to someone else. Tried to force my panny to push 4.4.4. but still only says 1080 playback. Little pissed my dealer sold me $150,000 of cinema gear under the pretence of 4K and never delivered. Feel like they should have followed thru. Now they just want me to buy a new projector to “ fix it”....for $16k....
  9. I’m sorry for the necropost but I have this projector and a Panasonic 4K DMP-UB900 ultraHD player. I can only get 1080 out of the projector, even if I “force” the paint to send to output 4K. My dealer tells me I need to buy a new projector - the 550 or 570es because the 500es doesn’t support 4K.!!! Even though I stipulated the importance of 4K when I bought it. Does this sound correct? HDMI cable run is about 7metres....
  10. Pics 11 and 12... bit too much Toe in for my liking. Do you find toe in helps with source? glwts
  11. Love this. Sade. I’m cryin’ everyone tears. King of Sorrow. https://youtu.be/nF7yuNg_zWE
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