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  1. This place: https://www.turntableneedles.com/ I ordered some belts for a cassette deck and although it did take a long time to get here the shipping was very cheap and they had no problem sending it to Australia. As for what to actually get I think you'll just have to google it until you get information that seems reliable e.g. this ebay listing has 4 belts claiming to be for your model: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SONY-TC-WE605S-TC-WR635S-TC-WR545-TC-WR670-TC-WR670-TC-H1600-BELT-KIT-4-belts-/121510667971 Conveniently, the listing gives the sizes of the belts: 2 x GES2.9 2 x FR8.2 -> that's from the PRB line (8.2 inches long and 0.16 inches wide) But as to what those denotations actually mean ... it's from some OEM and you'll need to figure that out. The FR8.2 is from the PRB line, the other one I don't recognise. I assume it means a 2.9 inch belt but not sure on the width. Also I think ebay can be your friend. Of course it's a roll of the dice as to what you get but there are plenty of sellers on there who specialise in this kind of thing and it's in their interests to have happy customers. I bought a PRB line idler tire from ebay recently and it was perfect.
  2. I have a D-150M. It's in questionable working condition and I'd suggest it needs a service. I just put a tape in it and it played fine, FF is OK, but RW doesn't work. If you fancy a project it might be good.
  3. Some development ... I realised that I needed a reference to figure out what to make of my setup. I have some B&W bookshelf speakers upstairs, V201, that I will hook up, but the first thing I did was go back to my Grado SR80s. The sound stage is complete different but my problems here are related to tone and possible distortion. I always liked the Grados while also recognising that they are quite bright. The clarity is striking, they're really hard to not like and so easy to drive that just an ipod is enough. My receiver/amp has a headphone output so I started to compare the three setups: Grado direct from ipod, Grado through the amp and the BA CR8s through the amp. Source material is not lossless but I have some higher bitrate AAC files, in particular Tracy Chapman and, wait for it, Whitney Houston. What I was looking for was a smoother sound, engineered for female vocals, produced in a similar era, but with some variability. And of course something that I actually like to listen to. I felt comfortable immediately on using the Grados. They sounded familiar and I love the clarity. I probably preferred listening via the amp vs direct to the ipod. Then when I went back to the CR8s the experience was OK. My ears were not bleeding. In fact, the more I listened, the more I liked it. The clarity of the Grados is hard to ignore, and these are not high end models. But they do a simple job and do it well. The more I compared the more I found similarities in the sounds and I started to more appreciate the clarity of the speakers. It's definitely hard to compare with such a different sound stage, and overall I still preferred the Grados but the longer it went on the less uncomfortable I became with the speakers. It was like I was training my ears to appreciate what they were doing. I mixed up my listening material a bit more and confirmed that indeed I no longer hated the CR8s. I could still hear that buzz on certain frequencies, but it's a sound that was not absent on the Grados. Bottom line is that I trust the headphones and if there is something in a song that doesn't sound right I am inclined to blame the recording, not the equipment. And that's easily confirmed. I was genuinely surprised by the sibilent sounds in Huey Lewis "Power Of Love", especially audible with a sub-par bit rate mp3. I'm not sure I had ever noticed this before but now it's like I can feel the guy spitting on me. Having that experience through headphones woke me up a bit on how much the source material can effect the experience. Listening through the speakers it's much the same. Ultimately I'm just surprised at how easy it was for me to first get stuck on something that didn't sound right, and then turn that around into something that sounded good. I'll still plan to re-cap the crossovers, just for fun. That'll be a different thread . I'm not going to toss the Yahama receiver but I do have my eye on some affordable 2 channel integrated amplifiers as a potential upgrade.
  4. You've answered my question which is helpful, thanks. I just don't want to toss out my current amp and start experimenting if my limited budget means that the difference will be minimal. I can guess that for most here the idea of spending a few small hundreds on a basic amp is a no brainer. I trust my own ears, but what I don't trust is my ability to start picking from the limitless options out there. It's nice to have a few pointers to get started. Not forgotting that the idea here is to see if I can make these speakers stop stabbing me in the ears. There does seem to be a strong view that an AVR isn't going to do the job, so I naturally wonder what people think would be better.
  5. Not concerned with specs at all, just that they're all I've got at the moment. Beyond that, what can I look for to improve the experience? Not asking for a guarantee, just some guidance on where to look and what to look for. I appreciate the depths to which some people go but it should be obvious enough that I'm a novice in this and I don't have much money to spend. I'd start by selling the AVR and buying something better suited to 2 channel music. I could probably find e.g. a 1980s Technics amp on Ebay for under $200. Is this enough of a step in the right direction?
  6. Could anyone explain to me what I am compromising by using the yamaha 5.1 receiver? All I can see from the specs is that it's good for 140W per channel. What would a good integrated amplifier be giving me? And is it something I could get from a vintage 80s or 90s stereo amp, the kind that can be had on ebay for $200 or so?
  7. I'll look into that. I can replace capacitors. The speakers could be 20 years old and seen some weather (the rust is a clue). Someone else has worked on these before ... some more info in this post: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/under-the-radar-bookshelf-speakers-boston-acoustics-cr8.776028/
  8. No idea. Beyond plugging them and listening to them in I know very little about speakers.
  9. I switched cables around a few times and listened to each speaker solo. I think they're the same. Not obviously one or the other.
  10. I recently pulled a pair of Boston Acoustic CR8s out of storage. Superficially they look ok except that some rust had gotten onto the metal grills and some of the woofer casing. I had always thought these would be great speakers and in going through gear I don't use I absent-mindedly choose to keep these while selling other bookshelf speakers I had. I set them up in my office space downstairs, driving them through a Yamaha 5.1 receiver RX-V2700, mainly because it has a very convenient iPod dock connector. I played through a few different songs when it started to hit me. It just didn't sound right. It was harsh, edgy, unpleasant. It wasn't every song but it was enough. I tried to dismiss it but once I heard it I couldn't ignore it. Now it's driving me crazy. I guess I will call it sibilance but in truth it's any kind of high frequency detail. It just grates and I don't like it. A few caveats: - I'm developing mild tinnitus so things don't sound like they used to - the room is walled in asbestos, brick and has large steel supports and a concrete floor. it is what it is - some of the audio is of questionable quality, definitely not lossless, and I'm also using a bluetooth dongle - I'm aware that the receiver is not ideal, but it's decent enough and when I plugged in a pair of Bose ST-100s the other day they sounded wonderful. My own dumb fault ... I sold them - yes, I took off the rusted grills A great example of something that sounded just awful is Missy Higgins "Greed For Your Love". The instruments are not so bad, but her voice honestly makes me wonder if there is something wrong with these speakers. The vocals sound like they are buzzing, distorting. I can't listen to it for more than a minute other than as a painful science experiment. Now, to be fair to the speakers and the setup the song sounds harsh through a pair of half-decent bluetooth headphones. But it's actually not as bad, I can at least bear it. I understand that the recording in this instance is much to blame, but the speakers really highlight the flaws in the recording. Do a google search for "Boston Acoustics sibilance" and there are plenty of results, especially in hifi enthusiast forums. So I guess I'm not alone. I just need to figure out what to do. Is there actually something wrong with these speakers or is it a feature of their design? Is there some way I can test them? And given how much I dislike them, is it ethical for me put them up for sale, of course with suitable notes for prospective buyers?
  11. This was fine until I looked at the photos and now I feel that illogical longing to buy another pair of headphones I have no need for that would ultimately just sit in a corner and get far less use than they deserve.
  12. I've seen there are these repeating posts asking for guidance on how to ship speakers across the country. There are plenty of useful answers. I just wanted to post some details of my experience shipping 5.1 surround speakers with Pack & Send. Service: Pack & Send (Milton, 4064) From: Brisbane To: Sydney Total items: 6 (5.1 surround speakers) Packaging: Items delivered to courier unpackaged, packaging included in shipping cost Total Weight (kg) : 62.00 Total Cubic (m3): 0.484 Warranty/Insurance: Yes Estimated Value: $450 Total Cost: $325 Delivered within two days (50 hours from drop-off at the P&S depot) which is pretty impressive in the current COVID situation. No response yet from the buyer as to the condition but I assume he's happy enough since there has been no complaint.
  13. I saw a review for some more upmarket leather replacement pads, some $80, no doubt with great build quality, but as you say the reviewer reported that it greatly affected the sound quality. For that price it would bother me for sure. Still, I might go ahead and experiment with the cheap alternative and report back. Better than nothing, because as it stands I've got a stripped down pair of headphones wrapped and stored away in a box.
  14. You haven't met my son. I could be standing right next to him, shouting directly in his face to stop/put-it-down/let-go and he'll just casually look me in the eye with a quarter smile on his face and keep doing it. Requires actual physical intervention. Stage two is where he screams at me and kicks me in the nuts. Lovely little guy. I'm sure I was exactly the same.
  15. Here's a badly lit snap of our main room. Nicely tucked into the top shelf are a pair of B&Ws that, believe it or not, I found on the side of the road during a kebrside collection week. So all of the kid stuff is at kid level and all of the adult stuff is at adult level. Working well so far. The only problem being that I'm driving the speakers using an LG micro unit. Still on the lookout for something decent to replace it with, but hard to get the right combination of price, size and functionality. Note the bluetooth dongle plugged into an old ipod dock ... For reference, I have to date found the following in kerbside: - 1 pair B&W (302?) - 1 pair Boston Acoustic CR8 - 1 pair Bose Studiocraft ST-200 (just about to be sold on ebay for $100+) It's astonishing the stuff people will throw out, but great for me.
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