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  1. Yep...not good at all! Getting a quote on it this weekend hopefully.
  2. Hi All, My JVC Projector has just developed this noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3vfMOys2Y4 ^not my video but the sound is exactly the same. Have any other JVC owners experience this problem? Seems to happen when: - the display switches from 24 to 50hz (or vice versa) - when the projector is first powered up - when the input is turned off and it displays "no input signal". It actually doesn't stop in this scenario until it's powered off. It's an X500R. I bought it 2nd hand and have only had it myself for ~700hrs Do I have a big repair bill coming? Thank you, Lindsay
  3. Hi All, 3 weeks ago my reception for all of the Channel 7 range (Physical ch6) and most of Channel 9 went from 10/10 (Signal Strength and Quality) to 0/10 Quality (Ch7) and 4/10 Quality (Ch9). Whilst the signal strength remained at 10/10. Steps I took to fix it: - Replaced the masthead amp - Cleaned all the contact points of the existing antenna - Tried an LTE filter (which was a reach) - Tried a new antenna with a different radiating pattern. - Raised the antenna 1.5M - Pointed it to an alternative broadcast tower Came to the conclusion that I had a multi-path propagation issue. So the next step was to play around with antenna placement for a better spot. But before I do that, I thought I'd turn off the Server PC, with this suspicion that it *might* have a faulty PSU. Sure enough, PC off = perfect reception on all channels. Then it dawned on me, 3 weeks ago I installed 2 new case fans in there: https://www.amazon.com/Antec-Tricool-Speed-120mm-Case/dp/B00314W992 Turns out one of them was faulty, causing EM interference through the mains. A-single-faulty-case-fan. Will never get that diagnostic time back! Thought I'd share it in the hope that it helps some other poor soul in a similar situation. Cheers, Lindsay
  4. **Price Drop** $1000 for the fronts $500 for the centre Will give it a week or 2 and will then put them on eBay if there is no interest here Cheers, Lindsay
  5. Hi Robbks, For me it's a combination of a small enclosed room and the tweeters. To make matters worse the seating positions are very close to the back wall, the room is very reflective. Although the definition/detail that they provide for movies is great, the acoustic nature of the room seems to be too reflective for them. I've had several friends/family members who think it sounds great but for me this wasn't the case unfortunately. Yep the Audyseey calibrated EQ was way off the mark I thought. I got better results tweaking things manually
  6. Hi Guys, I purchased these just over 2 months ago, couldn't get them sounding the way I wanted in the theatre room, so selling them and moving onto something else Looking for: RF-62 II (Front pair): $1100 RC-62 II (Centre): $575 Happy to ship interstate if there's interest there as I still have the original boxes Cheers, Lindsay
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