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  1. Item: 2 x Monitor 9 v7, Monitor Center 1 v7, 4 x Monitor Surround 1 v7, DSP-3200 Subwoofer with Perfect Bass Kit Location: Geelong Price: $2500 Item Condition: Excellent apart from minor scratch on top of subwoofer cabinet. Reason for selling: Switched to different speakers due to a smaller room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Selling as a set only. Modified subwoofer feet for extra height. Monitor 9 v7 - 4-driver, 2-1/2-way bass reflex, quasi-3rd-order resistive port, floorstanding model Center 1 v7 - 4-driver, 3-way center channel Surround 1 v7 - 4-driver, 2-way bi-directional surround/rear DSP-3200 - 12-inch single driver, bass-reflex, dual high-velocity low-turbulence resistive ports, built-in amplifier, USB Port / PBK Interface. 900 watts Dynamic Peak / 300 watts RMS. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, HungryBen. I'm actually still waiting on the pair of M16 and the C25 but I can say that I'm very happy with their in-walls. The Concerta2 speakers will sound even better. Once I have my new front 3 speakers I'm going to try to sell the Paradigms as a complete 7.1 set.
  3. I previously used Paradigm Monitor V7 series and have yet to sell them. Monitor 9 Floorstanders, Center 1, 4 x Surround 1. After doing a little homework I decided to switch to Revel as they measure very well on and off axis.
  4. Greetings from Geelong, I've been interested in home theatre related stuff for about 8 years. My current setup is Revel M16 for front left and right, Revel C25 for center, Revel W870 wides, Revel W560 side and rear surrounds, Revel W560 top front, middle and rear, Paradigm DSP-3200, Yamaha RX-A2060, LG 65" OLED C6.
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