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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Bob and Xscaper ... I'll give those a (curious) look ...
  2. Yes Xscaper ... this seems to be the consensus ... I just need to find the time to bumble my way through trying to wangle the metadata ... for potentially thousands of files. And I already have so many other things to consume my scant free time ... who knew retirement was going to be so busy 🤔
  3. Yes, this is all I want to do ... I have network cable connecting the router, CXN and Notebook pc with music albums and JRiver installed (which worked just fine played directly to my USB DAC) ... maybe JRiver can do what Roon can do? ... I was assuming (falsely perhaps), going by the considerable hype associated with the CXN V2, that additional software wouldn't be required. And I guess that's true once the streamer is fed EXACTLY what it requires in terms of file location and metadata.
  4. ... which makes me wonder why Cambridge has not integrated a similar capability with there Streammagic software? ... JRiver appears to do it ... just drag and drop any album folder into the designated music storage folder and it all gets sorted/presented in proper sequence ... Although I have yet to see it in action I expect Roon does the same.
  5. Thanks Bob ... you understood just fine ... apparently tag editing can be done in Windows 10 ... not sure about Windows 7 which I'm using on the notebook where the files are stored.
  6. thanks Whipped ... so what about wired network connected files on a computer? ... "sees" and plays them too? ... in proper sequence? sort of like JRiver did from my notebook?
  7. ... thanks for chiming in Justin ... just for the not so digital savvy amongst us could you briefly explain what Roon is and how it could be used to solve my/our, local/networked music playing problems with the CXN ...
  8. Thanks Bob and Kaynin ... I will have a play around with your suggestions ... but I must admit I'm seriously contemplating selling the CXN and reverting back to the notebook laptop and JRiver ... so much less faffing around ...
  9. Please excuse the lack of digital knowledge, but ... I'm not sure how to "check the metadata" ... and, how can metadata be edited?
  10. Thanks for your thoughts doogie44 ... hmmmm ... this is not encouraging ...
  11. Thanks Kaynin .... The album is a HDTracks album download complete with a PDF file containing album art etc. It is supplied as a folder named "Album Artist" ... within that folder is another folder containing the actual FLAC files called "Album Name" and the PDF file. The FLAC files are labelled numerically: 01 - File name 02 - File name 03 - File name etc ... Are you saying that for each and every FLAC file in each of my over 500 albums I'm going to need to label them as you are suggesting?
  12. So I've figured out how to get the streamer to see an album that I've put into the "Music" folder on a network connected PC ,,, but when using the Cambridge Connect app on my Android phone the album tracks are listed and played via the CXN in the incorrect sequence ... any hints?
  13. Thanks for responding Hydrology ... Yes, all the FLAC files are in the same folder (using JRiver in my previous setup required that to be so). I agree about the dedicated HDD ... but don't have one lying around and just want to get things up and running (if only temporarily) to start listening ASAP. And besides ... my longer term goal would be to have the FLAC library resident on a NAS drive which would provide better whole of network versatility ... accessible not only to the CXN but all our other PCs, TVs etc. What I'm really searching for at this time is the exact formatting/file structure/ inclusions required at a folder/file level by the CXN to allow it to correctly locate, display and play all of the discussed FLAC files.
  14. Happy new year everybody ... So I've been having some initial "issues" with the new CXN V2 as I've discussed in a previous post ... and many thanks to the kind forum members who responded so graciously. The "issues" as I called them have probably more to do with my hifi newbie/lameness than any fault of the streamer unit. Anyway ... I'm currently listening to the on-board Spotify controlled by the Spotify Connect Android app and the Camebridge Connect app. Initial teething problems are being sorted out. I'm currently only having partial success getting the CXN to find and play my library of FLAC file albums though. They are located on a notebook PC running Windows 7. The notebook (resident in an adjacent room) is hard wire connected to the CXN via the home network router with cat 6 network cable. Using the Cambridge connect app and navigating to the music folder on the notebook is only revealing about half of the albums but does play those quite nicely. Album art representation is patchy. Prior to purchasing the CXN the entire library was easily accessible including all artwork using the JRiver Media Centre software ... with no particular rhyme or reason employed when adding albums to the music folder in the notebook ... just drag and drop ... pretty seamless functionality really. I'm not expecting anything as sophisticated from the Camebridge CXN V2 software ... but feel I'm needing some assistance and coaching regarding just how the beast would like to be fed it's network attached audio files. There doesn't seem to be much detail on this subject provided by Cambridge (or at least I'm having trouble finding/understanding it). Any clues, experiences, suggestions?
  15. Thanks Justin ... my initial negative impressions could have been a combination of several factors ... and yes ... looking forward to some free time to check out all the jazz internet radio stations that I'm sure are out there 🎵 ... ... yes, I'm sure it's something like that ... I'll do a separate post about it and hopefully get some helpful responses ...
  16. ... so this is embarrassing 😔 ... I haven't yet changed any connections or listening options with the CXN/Spotify (remains with the analogue RCA outputs connected straight to my analogue amp, so bypassing the Schitt Bifrost DAC and using the onboard CXN DAC) ... and ... it's now sounding a whole lot better. Do these Cambridge network players need some break-in time? Maybe I was just fatigued during my initial listening experiences? or maybe I am just beginning to appreciate the "different" sound signature for what it is? Although I'm having some trouble getting the CXN to find all my FLAC file albums (located on a small notebook hardwired via the home network router), those that I can get playing are sounding great too.
  17. Thanks Wimbo ... I'm with you on the newb status ... I've been playing with streaming/Spotify on various laptops, phones, in the car etc for a while now but haven't given much thought to how it works ... it just does. I will definitely need to work it out now that I've added the CXN into the mix.
  18. Thanks blakey77 and Bunno72 for the ongoing flow of ideas and suggestions. I've got lots of unrelated (home renovation) stuff going on here so not able to respond or experiment ... but will definitely try tomorrow . The unit automatically updated during initial setup ... I will give the Chromecast and PC/USB options a try ...
  19. ... As Kaynin has said and after a closer look I can confirm this greying-out is normal and makes sense ... when I think it through. Nevertheless, the sound of Spotify Premium from the CXN is flat to my ears compared to my Notebook to Schitt Bifrost via USB. It sounds like a reduced bitrate mp3 ... no depth or sparkle ... vocals are not as clear. I will experiment with playing from the optical CXN output to the Bifrost and get back here with "my perception" of the results ... not sure what you mean here ... do you mean the Cambridge app? and if so ... no ... I think we agree that the Cambridge Connect app and the Spotify Android app are merely acting as remote controls ... using either to control the inbuilt Spotify Connect in the CXN sounds equally disappointing.
  20. I'm using Spotify for Android and/or Cambridge Connect for Android ... they are both behaving the same.
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