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  1. Thanks so much for this Dan and apologies for taking so long to get back here. As you suggested, I had omitted to include the album art jpg inside the folder containing the album music files. All is good now that I have done so. It doesn't seem to matter how the jpg is named ... as long as it has the jpg extension. Interestingly, and possibly why it didn't occur to me initially, I have several albums on the drive that don't have the jpg inside the album music folder and the album art is still displayed!? - So something else is going on.
  2. thanks Kiwimeat ... resolution doesn't seem to be a issue ... other albums behaving properly have cover art at 1400X1400. All album art is tagged as Front Album cover.
  3. Thanks Dan and Greg ... I've just popped in here to have a quick look and greatly appreciate your responses ... I can't try your suggestions right now but definitely will ... and return here with the results. Cheers guys.
  4. I have a Camebridge Audio CXN (V2) network player and I am trying to play album files controlled by their free Android phone app. I'm loading my albums (mainly FLAC filles) onto a USB hard drive using the recommended library structure. I'm using MP3TAG to check and occasionally re-organize the metadata in the album files. Initially things were going well and I managed to get 5 albums loaded to the HDD plugged it into the Camebridge player and everything worked perfectly from the Android app. Most of the albums have embedded album art in the files and everything loads, displays and plays perfec
  5. ... so you run a QNAP NAS? ... in another system perhaps? ... or is that the separate server in the background you refer to?
  6. Thanks gwurb ... It's not the first time I've heard that Synology's software is more "intuitive" than QNAP's. The majority of the responders to this thread seem to favour Synology ... not that that proves anything ... just an observation. I'm very keen to keep things as simple as possible. All I need (think I need🤔) is hard wired network connectivity via the router to my desktop PC, X2 televisions and network streamer (all in separate rooms) ... with some sort of storage/server/backup provision (2 bay NAS with mirror + backup ?). My photo and music file libraries are not large and are not
  7. Thanks rmpfyf ... I can see benefits in 4bay and starting with X2 drives for sure ... especially if the 4bay came with faster CPU/more memory (future proofing). I'm thinking Seagate Ironwolf X2 8TB drives. The UPS is a great suggestion.
  8. Thanks Mat ... yes, I get all that ... but Roon really isn't on my radar for now. I've spent many years relying on the All Music website and a Spotify family account to satisfy my artist information/discovery needs ... and that combination does all I need for an outlay of $3 per month and I get a quite decent web streaming service thrown in. I'm confident the software supplied with a NAS and possibly one or two inexpensive apps will cover my cataloging and server needs.
  9. Thanks GaryT ... yep, the fact that memory can be upgraded with generic ram eases my mind ... I'm just wondering if 4Gb might make my initial purchase more future proof?
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