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  1. After a significant effort I finally got DABBY to receive DAB using the ARCSOFT software. My understanding of 'update' on the package that came from the supplier was wrong. It was a PATCH. We just use different words. So first install the software that comes with the product on a CD THEN email support and use their patch (160MB) to overwrite/add to the installed software. Then DAB is available. The set up to get your favourite stations towards to top of the list is crude but works. Crude in that everytime you move a station up the list the cursor defaults to a position somewhere in the middle of the page and has to be returned back for the next move. This can test your resolve if your favourite station is number 42 and you want it to be #1. Where I live the FM and AM reception is poor at best yet DAB works a treat so this is a lifesaver.
  2. Well not quite---TotalMedia does NOT have support for DAB ( that I can find) which is a real pity since the VivaRadio DAB GUI that comes with the DABBY installation is inadequate for the number of DAB stations availalble. Yes I have the latest ARC SOFT software and I even tried the downloaded one from digital now support. Please tell me I'm wrong since DAB is the only reason I bought the DABBY---FM reception here is pitiful.
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