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  1. So I’m looking into what people reckon between these two sets of speakers? I’m currently running a Mark Levinson 334 amp with some Kef Reference Speakers, I’m looking to change out the speakers and there are two current options Genesis V with separate bass amp. Quadral Titan Mk3 - transmission line.. Both look to be great speakers, but I’ve not heard either... so which one do I opt for? I listen to a wide range of music, not so much on the classical side of things, but pop, rock, dance etc is all played pretty frequently, either on vinyl or Dac. The genesis are slightly more expensive, but I’m looking at this as long term speakers so price isn’t the main driver... Size isn’t a problem, I’ve a pretty big room they are going in... What’s your thoughts? Cheers,
  2. Hi all, I’m in the process of purchasing a set of speakers from someone in Sydney. They weight approximately 75kg per speaker, so 150kg the pair, so I’m looking at what options are out there to save me a drive down and back over 2 days and will get them to Brisbane damage free. Does anyone have any recommendations on transport options? Thanks.
  3. Hey Niss man, perhaps you didn’t read my post probably, but I wouldn’t attempt to do this repair myself, I was asking for a recommendation of someone locally whom could do it. Given that it’s not a common item in Australia I did some research as to the correct parts that may be required as they might not be available here or may try and steer me towards something that isn’t what is recommended for the amp. There is a lot of information on ML amps requiring the re capping done after 20 years, which is about the age this is now.. Cheers
  4. Thanks Gavin, I think I’ll drop it over to them to see what they reckon before I go and buy any replacement caps for it.
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to take it in Brisbane so they can tell me what’s up with it?
  6. Hi all, My Mark Levinson 334 has started to make a buzzing noise when I turn it on, it still plays fine and when you turn it up you can’t hear it, but I’m pretty sure it’s the caps that are on the way out. I have seen online that you can buy replacement Cornell Dubilier capacitors from the USA which is an option, but I wouldn’t want to have a go at swapping them out myself. Can any one recommend someone locally to Brisbane or within 150kms to advise me on the best way to sort? The amp weighs 50kg so not looking to ship it anywhere really... Do I just replace the ones that are faulty or all of them?? Any advise would be great. Cheers
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Krix range of cinema speakers? There was a pair just sold that I enquired about but unfortunately he sold them yesterday to someone else, but I may be onto another set through someone else.. I have no experience of hearing them playing music and they do look very similar to the Altec Lansing VOTT style of speaker. They were twin 15” with a compression horn on the top. KX5510 I believe... If anyone has used a set of these for music playback I’d be keen to hear your views on them. Cheers
  8. What’s the full set up worth? Look awesome!
  9. So I’ve bought a new 75” QLED and I’m going wall mounted so I need to try and find a new unit to fit my amp, tv box and rather large kef reference centre speaker on it... ive been looking online but nothing has jumped out at me... am I missing any good websites to have a browse on? id like something walnut with smoked glass front which will hide the stereo but I can still use the remotes etc... any advice appreciated. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the link, funny I just bought a new wet n dry vac last week so this could be the cheap option to have a crack at least...
  11. Thanks Owen, is this the right size of ultrasonic cleaner? Seems a good price.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F262670463413
  12. Thanks Andy, I’ve got a few hundred but I’m sure the collection will grow over time.. I’m looking at the ultrasonic bath link above and think that would probably be a good starting point then once I’ve got the hang of that if it’s any benefit to look at a record vacuum then I can do at a later stage.. The spin clean products you can buy at jb hifi I think will just end up in the bin soon after purchase so want to make sure I go around it the right way, but not spend $1k initially...
  13. Thanks for that, yeah I noticed as soon as I posted that there was a thread already going... doh... I’ll check out the options on there as well as look at the ultrasonic cleaning too.
  14. Hi all, ive just shipped over from the UK all my old records and they are a lot dustier and grimier than I remembered. I’m hoping to get some advice on what’s the best way to clean them up? I do do have a carbon brush but they are a bit beyond that... i did see the project mk2 record cleaner and some cheaper ones on eBay.. any good? Can I use a home made solution or do I need to buy off the shelf? Cheers
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