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  1. I would like to have' Rust Never Sleeps Aladdin Sane Wish You Were Here And Final Cut
  2. Baz can I please have Shear Heart Attack A Day At The Races Kiss Alive Meet the Beatles Beatles 2nd Album Band Anthology
  3. Hi Krispy, is this question about the previous post 10hrs before yours? If so, you want to know the room size of the Willis Room where the Melb. Audio Club had the Hulgich speakers and Holton amp playing. The speakers were about 3m from side walls, about 5m apart, maybe a bit more, about 3m from front wall and at least 16m to rear wall. So maybe 11m X 19m. It's a big room.
  4. Could I Please have Stones Flowers Stones Satanic M Dylan Freewheelin Bowie Scary Monsters Clapton 461 Posted to Melbourne Thanks Lee
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