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  1. Can I please have Ten Years Of Harmony Magical Mystery Tour Let It Be Get Happy Cheers
  2. I started to give a reply and stopped, now I see It has come up. So I need to reply. Don't worry about the pressings, I have no doubt there is a difference but not huge.If you get fussy you can buy better pressings, they may not be that much better. A good turntable will be fine, as the one you are contemplating, I have a denon DP1200 which I bought In the 80's. Just get into it, if you were in Melbourne, Dutch Vinyl is good for buying records' $5 to $15 buys you some good records.
  3. I would like Jethro Tull Stand Up Roger Waters Radio Kaos Redgum Virgin Ground The Sports Don't Throw Stones Procul Harem Home Cheers Joey
  4. Bought mine 3 to 4yrs ago, best upgrade I have ever bought, by a mile. Won't be selling mine ever. Good price for such a huge upgrade in sound quality. GLWTS.
  5. I bought these from Colin, about 2000, since then my brother-in-law, best mate and my brother have and we all have them still, I paid about $2500 then, no reason to change, won't be disappointed.
  6. Hi Barnz, I see you live in Melbourne, forget Amazon, go to Dutch Vinyl in Abbotsford, used records in very good condition from $5, just got Neil Young After the Gold Rush $35. You can build a collection cheaply. Cheers Lee
  7. Hi Greg, This is a bit like Full Range, I have no idea of any of these, but I think I will like them. Please add to yesterdays Steve Khans Arrows Bob james 3 Peter Howell & The Radiophonics Workshop Caldura Caldura and Sky Islands both Joey
  8. Can I have please Love Revisited Rundgren Todd " Something Anything Utopia Oblivion Guess Who American Woman Queen Queen II Cheers Joey
  9. Hi OCCxltr I have an EPA-5 and bought a Rotel Pre/Pro, previously I had a Denon AVC-3800. Depends what your dad wants to use it for mainly. I have sacd's and mainly listen to music, so I need the 5 channel processor. I had a few problems with the new set up and connected the old Denon and played in stereo only and the sound was incedible compared to the Denon on it's own. So a 2nd hand Denon AVR , 3802, 3805,3808, with pre outs may be all he needs. Pick one up for $300 or so, I am sure it will sound better than a $700 new amp, just like my 3800, 15 yr old amp does. The 3800 was $3300 when first brought out.
  10. I wish I had no access to this forum too, seeing as I wanted one of these and gave up last week and ordered an Emotiva XPA-5, arrived Monday, everything seemed to be from WA, QLD or SA, and this is in Melbourne. GLWS, not that you need it.
  11. Of course there is someone in the wings and thats not tongue in cheek, at that price it never would have gone to Ebay,although you probably would have got more, Thats what I love with DTV and Stereonet, people sell items cheap to others who are going to enjoy their equipment. Well done DaveP
  12. I am interested in this player, although being a member for 4 or so years have changed email addresses and my password has been changed, so I can't PM and having just restarted still can't get 5 posts. please contact me Cheers Lee
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