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  1. KEF, Mission and Polk are brands I get deals on. Recommendations from anything in this lineup?
  2. Whats peoples thoughts on the following pack? http://www.clefhifi.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4057&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImby287zu5gIVlBWPCh1sXwBXEAQYASABEgKqk_D_BwE also the 6500 package
  3. is anything in they Yamaha lineup worth considering. I suggest this as I can get good pricing on this through work. I also can get my hands on KEF - but think this might be getting out of my budget. Thoughts?
  4. viewing/listening will be an issue as Im 3 hours from both retailers - but possible. I mainly will be using for movies/TV viewing.
  5. I some time ago had an insurance claim due to water damage and lost my HT speakers(nothing special). They replaced them with some Wharfedale AT400, Xarus center, and Atlantic 200 rears (horrible build quality). They are/were powered by a Onkyo TX-NR676E receiver. I was never able to make them sound good, or anything I was happy with. So decided to downsize and move to a soundbar (Samsung q90r)while good - its no replacement for an "actual" speaker setup. Im considering going back to the Onkyo on buy another speaker pack - I have a Dali Zenzor 12e sub Im happy with and purchase to begin with a 5 speaker pack but want some advice in what would suit the receiver and 6x4 room. Im not wanting to spend more than $1500-2000, lower the better. Advice much appreciated.
  6. I have ran the auto calibration and it seems to set the gains into the negatives. Which means to drive the system at "normal" listening levels at 75% volume. I have manually adjusted gains into the positive with listening levels down to 30%. Im going to purchase a new center channel speaker to increase my vocals (Dali Vokal). Im finally going to take the plunge and setup my rears and possible heights. I use at the moment my Xbox one as my source for media - soon to be a Pana xb400 UHD player. Question I have to make sure the reciever is getting the correct signals for Dolby digital/DTS and so forth what should the audio output on the xbox be? I find it difficult to read the screen to know if the amp it outputting multi channel audio
  7. Hi Guys, Sorry for the late/slow reply. I end up taking the plunge with an Onkyo TxNR676. It was on sale and a deal I could not say no too. So now - I would like some more experienced opinions of what I bought. Thoughts and so on. One thing Ive noticed is I need to give the new AVR much more volume to listen to - even though the new amp is almost twice as powerful as the old AVR (txnr509) thanks for the pointers
  8. thanks mate, that one more to throw in the mix. Whats the thoughts on the Yamaha rx-v683, and the pioneer vsx932
  9. Thanks for the reply's. I am open to other receivers but limited as my employer really only sells Onkyo, Harman Kardon, Poineer, Sony and possibly Denon. I would like to take advantage of staff pricing. I would like to stay as south of $1000 as possible. I was looking at the Pioneer VSX932 but Im finding 4 HDMIs limiting now - but I could live with this as some equipment I have plugged in isnt used very often. Currently Im only using 3.1 configuration as my lounge room is not very conducive to rear surround placement (I do want to but thats another threads question). I want support for Dolby Atmos/DTS-X, bluetooth/wifi music connections, 4k passthru and decent upscaling of content to 4k should I require it. Other bells and whistles will be just an added extra as I have not had time to investigate how I can make all these "new" features work for me.
  10. Hi Guys, Im looking at retiring my Onkyo TXNR509 for something a little more modern and supporting newer formats and some more working HDMI inputs (one not working). So i have narrowed down the following Sony DN1080 and Onkyo txnr575 Now Im a little out of the game and things have changed alot. I would like some opinions from you guys on the mentioned models thanks in advance
  11. thanks for that, turning on bit streaming did the trick. Now a issue I have. All my components are hooked up via hdmi to my amp, then via hdmi to my tv. I dont like that I need to have my amp on to watch various components. Is there a way that all can be putgged into the tv and a lead from the tv to the amp (yet still carry hd audio to the amp). In a nut shell I just want to be able to watch anything on the tv and not need the amp/surrond on.
  12. I have just purchased my first HD audio HT amp (Onkyo txnr509), I have just put a bluray on (transformers) it says the audio is Dolby Digital True HD. I wanted to hear the fruits of the new audio format. My player is a Pana dmr-bw750 hooked up via hdmi to the amp. Audio doesnt sound right, also it just says multi ch on the front of amp (I cant find a option to select hd audio decoding). I would assume it should say DD ture hd (could be wrong). I selected DD true hd in the blu ray menu. Cold someone point me in the right direction.
  13. thanks for the help guys, I`ve been out of the HT scence for some years now and its seems alot has happened. So fram what I understand a dedicated 3d bluray player with duel hdmi outputs would solve this issue .ie. Me keep a HD reciever hdmi v1.3, been one output would do video, the other audio?
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