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  1. Same brand/series, if not same speaker all together.
  2. Item: 5.1 set up inc speakers, sub, receiver, Location: Parkinson, Brisbane Price: $100 for SNA Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgraded finally! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Yamaha HTR-6130 Receiver Dolby Digital and DTS codecs. No 3D sound obviously. 2 x HDMI in one HDMI out. Optical inputs. Tuning mic Excellent condition. Cloth on one satellite speaker is rubbed off. Happened as I was packing it all up after photos. 4 x Yamaha NX-E270 speakers with wires 1 x Yamaha NX-C270 Center speaker 1 x Yamaha SW-P270 subwoofer for the low end. Great starter package. Working perfectly when disconnected 2 weeks ago. Everything included (speaker cable, sub cable, power cable, fm Arial, tuning mic, remote, manual). Pictures:
  3. Hi Colin, thanks for your reply. I ended up getting a free x700 of a guy as the tray wouldn't open (sparkies at work fixed it). I was leaning to the Pana's as the Viera link would have saved me a remote. The CEC doesn't work at all on my Pioneer amp. Only good for controlling Kodi. The only benefit of the Sony is that both it and the Amp support DV. As you said, it may not even be around when I upgrade the TV though. Just enjoying atmos for the moment though. The Sony is a bit noisy though and I cant get it to pick up my NAS. Can't complain for free though! Klattsy.
  4. Hi Guys, After your expert opinions on an issue I have been wracking my brain with. I am looking for a 4K player to get me through till next TV upgrade (3-4 years?). I currently have a Panasonic ST60 plasma going strong. I have an Atmos set up so am looking to enjoy Atmos/DTX sound if not a 4k picture. I also need it to do 3D and am budgeting $300. My 4 options are as follows: Sony X700 (has DV as a plus. 2 HDMI out put as well) $278 Panasonic UB300 (can do the min I need (i.e. bitstream Atmos and 3D) but is bottom of the range and now super seeded, Viera link a plus) $228 Panasonic UB400 (2 HDMI inputs otherwise same concern as above) $294 Panasonic UB320 (new technology so may do the Tone Mapping to SDR better?) $289 My main concern really should be the down scaling to SDR which I have read the Pannas do well but really appreciate your opinions on this. The Sony has the benefit of DV firmware up date and is the only player in the list that does any type of metadata trans-coding which theoretically helps with future proofing but who knows what will be around in 3 years??? Should I just spend as little as possible (UB300) to help justify the upgrade in a few years? Will 2 HDMI assist when using a SDR TV? Or when viewing 3D (i.e. bu splitting audio and visual it helps with performance?) Thanks guys. Last piece of advice I need to finish the upgrade! Klattsy.
  5. Rubbish positioning of the sub I know but I’m limited for space. The centre speaker and AVR fit perfectly though. That’s why I decided on this set. It’s weird having the left height so far across the ceiling but it lines up with my fronts.
  6. Just need to build some stands for the surrounds and their stupid down firing tweeter and I can give it a good run. Haven’t calibrated properly and barely turned it up for movies yet. Playing a lot more music through it then I thought I would, mainly due to the convenience of Spotify Connect. It even turns on front standby when it’s selected as a source in Spotify. The Dalis and the REL definitely arent for music however.
  7. Pretty much any Run The Jewels song kicks but this one especially Call Ticketron. Nice constant base line. Not as low as west coast stuff but still good.
  8. So far its Selena Gomez! RTJ would probably be up there but I cant listen to that a high levels when young'uns are around
  9. For those following at home, I’ve bought a 5 speaker Dali set including floorstands. I was kind of limited in choices as I needed the centre to fit in a specific space. Floorstands fit next to the TV as well which was another restriction. REL 10 inch sub and Polk Audio ceiling speakers (all second hand) to go with a new Pioneer AVR that does the minimum I need (5.1.2, Atmos/DTX, Spotify). All up $1245 which I’m very pleased about. I’m a bit nervous but the ceiling speakers are going in today. They will line up with the fronts which are right next to the TV. I’m putting them just in front of the couch. About 700mm from ear as I wanted them far enough away from the surrounds. Everything you guys have said is starting to hit home and I’m nervous that it’s going to sound **** in some seats. Especially the outer edges. There is only going to be 2 sweet spots I think.
  10. Hi All, I am after some mounting suggestions for my Dali Blue R1000 that have down firing tweeters. The tweeters can be tilted slightly as well maybe 45 degrees or so. They are surrounds for home theatre use primarily. I plan to have the tweeters at ear level, except I can’t find “anything off the shelf” that is suitable. A lot of the wall brackets are too big and ugly (WAF) and all the stands have a solid top obviously. There are some smaller wall mounts on eBay for cheap (https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273375869168) but sellers aren’t returning questions about hole sizes and bracketry provided. Plus I don’t see how you can use them with the type of hole I have on the back of the speaker. There is a keyhole shaped hole in the back, this is not threaded and I’m not confident in hanging speakers from a picture hook. Pics attached. Thanks, Klattsy.
  11. And if you want to sell one let me know
  12. All good, thanks guys.
  13. Thats great. They are literally 1 street away from my work so thinking about taking mine there. Everyone else has quoted $100-$110 for first hour to diagnose then go from there. I really can't afford anymore than that so i'd rather go straight to the Velodyne tech then a 3rd party who may take longer. I may be able to help you with delivery as well. We have a branch at Coffs Harbour and I work at our Yatala branch. If you wanted to drop it in the Coffs branch, say its for me, they will transfer it up and i can wander down with it. It may take longer, but would save you the drive?
  14. How did you go? I am looking for a repairer for a Velodyne SPL sub.
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