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  1. Of course they dont This will be the entirety of my presence in this thread.
  2. I for one wont be participating in this thread, I suggest others do the same.
  3. Only a few people can edit posts beyond 24/48 hrs, just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V with any changes noted
  4. Usually around 9am IIRC Probably just so <local politician of choice> can be there.
  5. You may need to move the antenna to a better position, this will be somewhat easy with a meter. Or a likely difficult game of trial and error if DIY. Each of the stations diffracts over/around intervening obstacles slightly differently, you need to find the "sweet spot" where all are good.
  6. Whats changed since it was working okay?
  7. Without specific details and readings its hard to say, though I would suspect a fault somewhere in your antenna/distribution system. It is unlikely that there is a problem with the site if it has been going on for an extended period.
  8. Well... I second that motion! Its either that or he's just a troll with a few issues... and to be honest thats what I lean towards at the moment. Happy to be proven wrong...
  9. Yeah arcing is definately no good! Might have helped with the neighbours reception then too, haha! (if they were having any probs)
  10. Who would have guessed, alanh makes said claim Noone said it was out of the question, we had problems with you claiming it would definitely be the case [despite no decision], and making antenna recommendation based on that also. And just to point out what you are saying isnt strictly true: There wont be any broadcasting use of Ch27 until Embargo 45 is completed. After which point it may be used for broadcasting (or something else). The embargo is in place to allow this, there is a 1Mhz guard band in the provisions. As you state, it would be impossible to roll out nationwide for obvious reasons. I imagine it would be a capital city only thing, if ever used.
  11. Yes, they are the rules. Darwin isnt classed as a metropolitan market though, which is all I was saying. Remote areas also use the metro LCN plan (eg. Alice Springs, or Cobar), for the same reason. The Cobar LCN plan would look like (1#=CDT 2#=ABC, 3#SBS, 6#=Prime7^, 7#=SCTV, 9#=Imparja) ^: Sthn NSW Regional Batchelor, NT is a really odd case, as it is both Darwin, and Remote (the license areas overlap). If the remote area stations decide to broadcast there, they may need to use regional area LCNs from that site (or come to some other arrangement).
  12. Yep, that doesnt make them a metro market though. Think of the LCN allocations as more of an agreement or an in principle thing rather than a hard and fast law or something. The rest of the NT uses metro numbers because it is a remote license area and uses VAST (and a very small number of local transmitters broadcasting the exact same feeds). Anywhere that is classed as a remote license area uses metro numbering (excluding remote WA). This area also includes vast swathes of QLD, NSW, SA, and parts of VIC and TAS. The Darwin stations have likely chosen to continue this for consistency, or figured if Nine did there, then they should too, to be on equal footing as far as recognition goes.
  13. Neither Darwin, Canberra, or Hobart, are considered metropolitan markets. They do use the metro numbering in Darwin for whatever reason. I thought they used 60 in Tas and a few other places for 7mate
  14. Extra is on 84 in Nthn NSW, (NBN is owned by Nine)
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