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  1. Thanks for the lead - looks like awesome kit
  2. I am currently running a 2 sets of Peterson speakers - front and rear - purchased from Douglas Hi-Fi 25+ years ago along with a Dali centre and a Wharfedale SW 300. This setup as served me well and outlasted a few amps and multiple house moves. With the Christmas and Boxing Day sales upon us I am considering a new set of speakers. Room is combined lounge and dining so no rear wall as such as it is open to the meals - kitchen area. Sit approx 3m back from a 65” plasma. Currently run 5.1 setup - would likely carry over SW to save $ for the rest unless there was a compelling reason to upgrade that to. 7.1 is harder due to no rear wall - would consider roof speakers but preference is not. What sort of speaker setup is worth considering? I’m partial to Klipsch but certainly not wedded to that brand and open to options. - after something that is decent though and will last, even if means waiting a little longer to spend more.
  3. I am getting foxtel installed during the week. Do I need to have both the phone line and Ethernet connected? During the ordering e guy said it would include the wireless adapter to connect to my LAN so trying to understand if I really need the hard wired LAN And phone sas well? The confusing thing for me is that the foxtel FAQ say you need the phone and that wireless LAN is not possible! So really confused if I need to run LAN and phone cables prior!??!
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