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  1. Been watching Treadstone on Amazon. Good action . . . storyline follows on from the bourne series. Pity theres only 10 episodes to season 1 . . . .binged it it 2 days
  2. i thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1-4 of gotham . . .look forward to hitting s5. Im onto supernatural right now . . . .on season 4
  3. fair call . . . . . i thought cavill did a great job of emulating the character out ofthe game and books
  4. There was alot of back story going on and different timelines mixed through season 1. If you havnt read the books or played the game i can see how you could easily be confused and find it dead booring.
  5. most room correction software will also tell you if a speaker is out of phase
  6. i really dont think you will be dissapointed with the XMC-2. think of it as much more future proof than the 1.
  7. I know everyone has their preferences and for me . . . .a good quality centre, tonally matched to your l and r channels makes a massive difference in my setup. I have tried with and without and will take a centre channel any days of the week over a no centre. Try it and see what you prefer . . . . theyre your ears and your room afterall
  8. If you havnt read the books or played the games i can see how it would be confusing. They played around alot with the timelines and i struggled at times to work out what was past and what was present. Having said that . . . i thoroughly enjoyed it and thought they did the books justice. Looking forward to Season 2
  9. Rouge one was a completely different production crew and was filmed in the UK. The difference was certainly noticeable.
  10. You are absolutely correct . . . .thanx for clarifying that for me. I think i confused myself reading somewhere that there may be an upgrade option for durac life for the xmc-1
  11. FYI - Dirac 2.0 is Dirac live which was available as an upgrade with the XMC-1 , well it was for me anyway. I personally have never had any issues with any of my 3 pieces of emo gear
  12. binge watched vikings S5 during the week and The Expanse S4 yesterday Both truly excellent shows. Cant wait for the witcher this weekend
  13. so i should be getting my speaker back today. $110 repaired (including pickup and delivery. Awesome service from Shortphewz in Perth.
  14. so i have just had the speaker repair man drop by and pick up the box . . . . .its defenitely the midrange driver but he believes it is probably repairable . . . . which is good news
  15. Thx for your responses . . . i will try a few things and come back
  16. hey guys i have a set of paradigm S8 V2 which i love. I purchased them second had a couple of years back. Not long after i purchased i noticed an occasional crackle coming from one of the speakers. It wasnt enuf to bother me at the time and i didnt know enuf to realise it was more than just some poor source material. over time it has gotten worse but has stayed intermittent. a couple of nights ago i put in a uhd disk to watch a movie and it went really really bad. . . . Turned it off and thried swapping the speaker to a different channel to rule out the amp or source. I have ruled them out as the issue. i believe the issue is the midrange driver but want to be able to confirm that absolutely. I thought that if i hook it up again and play something to confirm the crackle is still there . . . . then disconnect and pull out the midrange driver i can then confirm its that driver by hooking up wuthout the driver connected and testing. This is my question . . . . .will that work without causing damage to the rest of the drivers. I dont know enuf about crossovers and such to know if removing a driver from the circuit will cause a problem. There is one driver over east in australia but i am also trying to source one direct deom paradigm to see if i can get it cheaper. Thoughts?
  17. basically means it will most likely sound better with 1 centre channel . . . . pick the best of hte 2 and use it by itself
  18. add more speakers . . . . have them outside . . . so you can go out there and do some sort of exercise while listing to awesome quality sounds at the same time
  19. have u considered running some conduit around the edge of the room to hide speaker wire in. its unobtrusive and will probably be the same colour as your floors and walls in an apartment so you wont notice it. You would be better (in my mind running 4 bookshelf speakers and sub and centre than a sound bar
  20. i have sufferred for years with it. I do find the biggest factor for me is in ear headphones. If i use them for even a few hours it really affects me. Over ear headphones dont seem to bother me near as much. I have about a 25db loss of high frequencies in 1 ear. I also find that if i use in ear headphones for even a couple of hours . . .. it takes about a week for me to get volume levels back down to what there were prior to the in ear headphones . . . .and everyone tells me off for having the volume too high
  21. much neater than the back of mine............its a nightmare back there........I refuse to get any new equipment as i would have to delves into the spaghetti patch to connect it up
  22. Why not use car audio speakers if they are internal. You can get some decent ones for not much money
  23. im with netflix and prime and im finding it harder and harder to find things im actually interested in watching. . . ..is forcing me to go outside and actually do things . . . . with people . . .
  24. stranger things is a good watch . . .. the last series gets a little adolescent but its not a deal breaker. Looking forward to the following. The Witcher The expanse S4 (whatever one we are up to) final series of "the man in the high castle" Not all on netflix i realise
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