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  1. 119 db is pretty damn loud. I also understand that once you reach 120db your likely to start experiencing hearing damage. is your level of 119db a theoretical or mesaured figure.
  2. my pre amp is still using HDMI 1.4 uhd player splits the 4k signal out and that goes direct to my projector. The only thing i have ever had a lip sync issue on is a FTA decoder box. Never had an issue with lip sync on a blueray, uhd netflix or amazon prime.
  3. very carefully. . . . . just do light sprays and a number of coats
  4. Im also interested in getting some actuators . . . but just not sure how i would be able to set them up as i am already using all 7 pr-out channels to speakers and the 2 LFE channels are being used. 1 of them to my sub 1 and the other split to 2 smaller subs.
  5. @zxSwifty I recently got th Fiio Q5s headphone dac and amp. i also listen pretty much exclusively to dance music and its not in lossless format. My headphones are not up to the standard of the focals (sony mx1000 mk2) but im loving the sound with the combo. a hell of a lot better than my previous setup. It also has the bluteooth capeabilities of the BTR5.
  6. The automation problems are most likely less of a problem than you think. Get it setup right and you wont even notice them
  7. get it calibrated and use whatever setting the calibrator sets up for you. His setting should take into account both the tv and bluray settings.
  8. I picked up a fiio Q5S a couple of weeks ago and i have to say its a really really nice sound with that DAC. I'm now finding any excuse to use my headphones. and bear in mind my source is not lossless audio. Using sony MX-1000 cans (not quite up to the level of what your contemplating)
  9. I guess the first thing you probably need to ask yourself is . . . . do you like the sound that comes out of the vintage 3 ways by themselves. If so maybe you should consider a setup where you run the 3 ways only for 2 channel music via a seperate integrated amp. I would think (and im sure others will correct me if i am wrong) that you are going to get a different sound out of the vintage speakers to what you get out of the Dali's and the interaction between the 2 means you are probably not getting the best out of either of them. So first question is (from my perspective). Sound quality or sound volume. Try turning off the vintage and listening for a while . . . then turn off the dali's and listen for a while. See what you like better and then go form there
  10. Been watching Treadstone on Amazon. Good action . . . storyline follows on from the bourne series. Pity theres only 10 episodes to season 1 . . . .binged it it 2 days
  11. i thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1-4 of gotham . . .look forward to hitting s5. Im onto supernatural right now . . . .on season 4
  12. fair call . . . . . i thought cavill did a great job of emulating the character out ofthe game and books
  13. There was alot of back story going on and different timelines mixed through season 1. If you havnt read the books or played the game i can see how you could easily be confused and find it dead booring.
  14. most room correction software will also tell you if a speaker is out of phase
  15. i really dont think you will be dissapointed with the XMC-2. think of it as much more future proof than the 1.
  16. I know everyone has their preferences and for me . . . .a good quality centre, tonally matched to your l and r channels makes a massive difference in my setup. I have tried with and without and will take a centre channel any days of the week over a no centre. Try it and see what you prefer . . . . theyre your ears and your room afterall
  17. If you havnt read the books or played the games i can see how it would be confusing. They played around alot with the timelines and i struggled at times to work out what was past and what was present. Having said that . . . i thoroughly enjoyed it and thought they did the books justice. Looking forward to Season 2
  18. Rouge one was a completely different production crew and was filmed in the UK. The difference was certainly noticeable.
  19. You are absolutely correct . . . .thanx for clarifying that for me. I think i confused myself reading somewhere that there may be an upgrade option for durac life for the xmc-1
  20. FYI - Dirac 2.0 is Dirac live which was available as an upgrade with the XMC-1 , well it was for me anyway. I personally have never had any issues with any of my 3 pieces of emo gear
  21. binge watched vikings S5 during the week and The Expanse S4 yesterday Both truly excellent shows. Cant wait for the witcher this weekend
  22. so i should be getting my speaker back today. $110 repaired (including pickup and delivery. Awesome service from Shortphewz in Perth.
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