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  1. its more of a whine than a hum and it is high pitched, it varies in frequency, and it is intermittent, but its there more often than it isnt. Im running a full balanced setup. no antennas, granted the wiring is a bit of a mess with all the equipment that is there. Ive tried different cables, different power points . . .same power points for all the equipment, ive tried removing items from the setup . . . . to no effect. once the whine starts . . . i can totally disconnect absolutely everything else and remove them from the power circuit entirely as well as the input to the sub and the whine is still there. I dont really know what else to try Regards
  2. Thankyou for your kind offer. I would be happy to take you up on that. I will contact you closer to the end of the week. Regards Steffan
  3. Hey peeps. Was wondering if anyone out there has an isotek powerboard and cords they would be will ing to lend me for half an hour. I am trying to sort a humming/whine coming through my sub and i need to confirm that its not a power related issue . . . . . . ive j done just about everything else and i dont want to fork out on an isotek board , know knowing if that is the issue I know its a big ask . . . . will happily buy your some beers. Located in Yokine Steffan
  4. I did the same . . . thought it was a great series and well acted. Agree it was hard to watch at times.
  5. Thats a nice bit of kit. I have the S8V2 and a sub 1. If i had the spare cash i would take these off your hands . . . .especially the centre
  6. I'm defenitely no expert in building or apartments . . . . but i would be checking to see what sort of clearance there is between the plaster ceiling and the concrete of the apartment above. I assume there would have to be some clearance to permit lighting cables etc . . . .but is it enuf for a speaker? i have no idea
  7. Thats a bit harsh . . . My first emotiva amp is 5 years old and has never skipped a beat . . My other emotiva amp and the pre are over a year old . . . I know its not top grade equipment but it does the job for what i need . . . And ive had more hassle from denon and my paradigm sub than i have from any of tje emotiva gear
  8. I reached a point with my last system upgrades . . . from denon receiver to emotiva pre-amp and a Cambridge audio streamer . . . . that i am completely happy with my system . . .. except for the dodgy plate amp in my sub . . . .i dont see me doing any more upgrades/changes unless something goes bank and starts creating smoke
  9. I have had a similar and as yet unresolved problem. running a paradigm sub 1 via balanced input from an emotica XMC-1 (had same issue with previous denon unblanced rca input to sub. mine is a high pitched noise . . . .have tried different power points.....different cables............ tried to isolate by disconnecting all other equiptment and its still there (once it gets turned on anyway). Has come down to a dodgy plate amp but its not in warranty so im not willing to part with in excess of $1000 for a new amp at this point in time. It is a bit annoying though
  10. Yeah . . . i got mine from bunnings as well . . . .
  11. i use electrical conduit https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&biw=1536&bih=728&tbm=shop&ei=1odeXaCNGNqv9QORk4aIAQ&q=electrical+cable+roconduit&oq=electrical+cable+roconduit&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i13k1.148081.150120.0.150296.
  12. i have been clean from purchasing equiptment for about 10 months. . . . . im very happy with what i have now and it helps that got rid of my credit cards and if i want to buy something it has to be cash . . . . working hard to clear out my debts and its another 12 months before i am there . . . then its 3-4 years of saving a house deposit . . . so i managed to shift my priorities . . .but having said that . . . i love my system and it gets used for music or movies or netflix up to 6 or 7 hours a day . . . . i feel im getting great value out of what i have and quite often put on some pink floyd and lie back in the recliner with my eyes closed and simply enjoy
  13. Hey Guys just wondering if there is anyone in perth who has the autocal gear and would be willing to come and have a play on mine. It was professionally calibrated about a year or so ago but that was alot of hours ago and i think it could use an adjustment. would like to see the autocal in action before i drop cash on a purchase Cheers Steffan
  14. Nightflyers does pick up. .. .. i quite enjoyed it tbh
  15. or having lost of the use of one side of his body due to a bizzar skiing accident and he is stuck lying on one side that would make me grumpy
  16. if i was after a dac or headphone amp i would give them a shot based on the interview . . . .and user reviews . . . . but would still prefer to actually listen to something.
  17. im interested to see how this unit is received by the community. It looks and seems to have the goods.
  18. I have a paradigm sub 1 and that throws some really nice tight bass due to its 6*8 inch drivers. Great low extension. Its bigger brother, the sub 2 is even better with 6*10 inch drivers with a lower extension but is damn pricey at around $15K
  19. i also use the 10m comsol between my uhd bluray (panasonic) and my x7000. Never had an issue
  20. Binge watched a danish series called worrior yesterday.. Quite enjoyable. Have watched a dew danish series actually and enjoyed them all.
  21. i have the ambassador slimline series (Ambassador 46SQTL) from adelaide speakers and went with the ribbon tweater. Also got the large 3 way centre with matching drivers. I purchased without auditioning and have never regretted it. They are nice and smooth on the mids with great tight low end bass extension and a nice top end without being bright. I have them on surround duties as i have paradigm s8's running mains duties now. No way i would give up these beauties though . . . . they rate well against speakers three times their price.
  22. I tried a universal remote . . . . .wasnt for me . . . found it more hassle than anything else . . . . does work for alot of people though
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