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  1. stranger things is a good watch . . .. the last series gets a little adolescent but its not a deal breaker. Looking forward to the following. The Witcher The expanse S4 (whatever one we are up to) final series of "the man in the high castle" Not all on netflix i realise
  2. if your setting up your speakers in an unusual way or incorrectly . . . . then a different amp/avr is unlikely to fix your issue
  3. ive been running a cnx v2 for over a year now and been very happy with it
  4. im hanging for "The witcher" series on netflix due for release 20 Dec 2019. It looks sooooooo good . . . . and it looks like they are following the books . . . . cant wait!!!!!!
  5. nope.........i have noticed that the whine sometimes goes away after the system has warmed up. It is always there when i turn it on. I havnt tried any power conditioning as of yet
  6. I don't have any electra stuff and never have . . . . but your the first person i have heard in 10 years who has had a bad thing to say bout electra. To be fair to the OP . . . . pretty much any amp after 20 odd years would benefit from a service and upgrade of parts that wear out.
  7. I have 4 pairs which i confirm worked with my x7000. havnt used them for years. How many u need and what you offering. Im in Perth BTW but happy to overnight express post if required. Missed the ir/rf bit myself. . .
  8. Hi Aaban I was at your store with a friend a short time back. my friend ended up with the monitor audio bronze bookshelf speakers and the yamaha avr. You were great to deal with. Is the little one on the scene yet
  9. Not on netflix, but been watching "the man in the high Castle" on amazon Prime. Based in the 60's under the premise that American did not drop the first A bomb and has been split up between the nazi's and the Japanese. Really well done so far . . . thoroughly enjoying it. Also tried "American Gods" on Prime, found it a bit weird really........didn't make it past episode 3 or 4
  10. welcome . . . from a fellow perthite
  11. i have been using the 4k one from officeworks for a few years now with no issue. best thing is . .. if it doesnt work you can take it back and get a refund no questions asked
  12. for a while there i used to ask them if they slam the door hopping into the car . . . . ."what did that poor door ever do to you". But apparently thats really rude and i got a fair number of 1 star ratings for it . . . so had to stop saying that
  13. I drive uber on the weekends . . . and let me tell you . . . when its not their car . . . it doesnt matter how old they are . . . they will slam the **** outu your doors. I even put signs on the back of my seats asking them to be gentle . . . . thats works for about 50% of people. Funnily enough . . . . the worst cuplrits are (from my 3 years experience driving uber) are in order . . . . 1. Irish 2. chinese 3. 20 y/o female
  14. go and have a listen to them . . . . . decide how you like them. At the end of the day your the one listening tothem day in day out. I have a set of def tech BP7004 doing surround duties in my system. They are a good speaker for the price. The subs are integrated nicely so you can get full range out of the speaker. Mine are a touch bright on the top end but that was never really an issue for me until i got my paradigms . . . . which are in a different league.
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