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  1. i also use the 10m comsol between my uhd bluray (panasonic) and my x7000. Never had an issue
  2. steffanth

    Netflix currently watching

    Binge watched a danish series called worrior yesterday.. Quite enjoyable. Have watched a dew danish series actually and enjoyed them all.
  3. steffanth

    Transmission line speakers?

    i have the ambassador slimline series (Ambassador 46SQTL) from adelaide speakers and went with the ribbon tweater. Also got the large 3 way centre with matching drivers. I purchased without auditioning and have never regretted it. They are nice and smooth on the mids with great tight low end bass extension and a nice top end without being bright. I have them on surround duties as i have paradigm s8's running mains duties now. No way i would give up these beauties though . . . . they rate well against speakers three times their price.
  4. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    I tried a universal remote . . . . .wasnt for me . . . found it more hassle than anything else . . . . does work for alot of people though
  5. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    No it wont. What what do you find more inconvenient . . . . adjusting volume with the avr remote . . .or playing around with the same remote to keep switching backwards and forwards between sources
  6. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    why not just turn off the arc . . . .run an optical cable from the tv to the avr for sound from tv
  7. Great unit . . . . i got one myself about 4 months ago and love it to bits . . .. .sound is excellent and great for 2 channel as well wiht the pure direct mode.
  8. steffanth

    Free B&W P3 Series 2 Headphones - Raffle

    Hi there. I would also like to join the raffle and very happy to donate if i win Cheers Steffan
  9. steffanth

    Netflix currently watching

    ive been holding off on this one to wait for some reviews. . . . . . .and io want someone to watch it with. Is it one that makes you want to turn on every light in the house just to go to the loo . . . . .coz thats the best kind
  10. steffanth

    Holy carp - best bookself speakers ever made

    Get rid of the missus? My life simplified a huge amount when i did that
  11. steffanth

    Holy carp - best bookself speakers ever made

    Dont tell her. . . . .she will never notice
  12. im loving my xmc-1. Defenitely a big step up from the denon 3313 i had before. Pairs up really well with the xpa-dr2 poweramp for my paradigms
  13. steffanth

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    given that the majority of the sound comes from the front stage in most HT applications. a decent 2 or 3 channel for the front three speakers would be an advantage over the internal amps . . . . as well as taking a lot of load off the internal amps in the AVR which will make it easier for it to drive the other channels. Take into account the following. The maximum capacity of the denon is 710W and at say 70% efficiency . . .thats about 500W across 9 channels which equates to just over 50W per channel . . . . all channels driven. Not going to matter so much for a standard 5.1 or 7.1 soundtrack as the rears etc are prescence speakers which dont have a high level of use all the time. For atmos however, as it uses positional audio, the full set of speakers are used alot more so you will begin to encounter the limitations of the AVR. Having a 2 channel poweramp for your mains brings you up to about 70W for the others and a 3 channel, a bit over 80w, while also giving you a more powerful front stage for when you do want to listen to music.
  14. i went with the "Don't Breed" option.
  15. was wondering that myself. wouldnt you have to start matching power levels from the seperate amps so you get the appropriate volume levels from the drivers which are on different amps. Also . . .. unless they are the same amps you would be getting different colourations with the different amps. I would think that would detract from the overall musical experience. (i am by no means an expert in this and have never bi-wired or bi-amped so feel free to ignore my internal monologue as the ravings of someone who has no idea what he is talking about.