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  1. the music i listen to is mainly podcasts so its all mp3 or m4a. I get the higher quality downloads when i can but thats not alway possible. I still enjoy the hell out of it none the less.......... and i have almost got my system where i want it to be.....just waiting on someroom treatments to arrive
  2. steffanth

    Sunday 12th August - GTG - Yokine

    heh....... i generally don't do music with words. I'm a bit of a techno head.....but seriously......i'm generally good with anything bar rap, hip hop or R&B - those 3 i will not play...i think i would rather pour a glass of water in my pre-amp
  3. steffanth

    Advice needed for first time HT user

    just out of curiosity......how are you getting the sound output from tv to avr. is it audio return channel via hdmi or through an optical cable. Someone correct me if i am wrong, but doesnt the optical only do 2 channel
  4. steffanth

    mixing 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers

    The maximum power draw of your amp is 620W If we are generous and say the amps run at 70% efficiency then you have 434W at max volume. The 165 stated for the receiver is at 6 ohms. 1 channel driven. that means only running 1 speaker. if you have 4 speakers connected...the max you will get is 434 divided by 4. Your more likely to damage your speakers by clipping due to pushing the amp too hard than by overpowering them. I have my mains rated at 300W and i am powering them with an amp thats 550W per channel 2 channels driven.
  5. steffanth

    Advice needed for first time HT user

    I have never used a yamaha but i always found that the room correction systems lower the bass a bit too much for my liking. I tend to increase the bass levels and don't be afraid to manually adjust the levels of the speakers to suit your liking........you are the one that is listening to it. ensure your speakers are set to small in your avr so the bass is going through the sub. You also have the option of increasing the volume........i regularly turn mine up to -12 when watching movies......its bloody loud but also nice and clear. You will generally always get a better sound result over blu-ray than netflix (in my experience) as well.
  6. steffanth

    Sunday 12th August - GTG - Yokine

    Don't you. . . . . . .forget about me!!!!!!!!
  7. either way..........i would suggest that it is damaging your speakers
  8. steffanth

    mixing 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers

    Given the specs of the receiver 165 W/Ch (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel Driven, IEC); While i would take the 165W with a pinch of salt, given it states at 6 ohms, it would suggest your receiver is perfectly fine to run 6 ohm speakers so i wouldn't be concerned
  9. steffanth

    XMC-1 experiences, anyone?

    i know im kind of reviving an old thread here but i recently got an XMC-1 and have to say i am loving it. The dirac live is doing great things for my not ideal room. I have some fairly extreme peaks in the 50 to 80 hz areas coming from my surround speakers and the dirac has done a good job of taming them. I have paired it with my old gen 2 xpa-5 and a new xpa-dr2 to run my front stage.........and let me tell you it makes my paradigms sing......im a very happy boy. I have a few little issues, a hdmi handshake issue with my uhd player and a ground loop i have not been able to isolate as of yet (it was present with my previous setup......but i find it more annoying now as the noise through the rest of the system is so much less........all in all a great upgrade from my denon avr
  10. steffanth

    Netflix currently watching

    i had a week long binge on "Line of duty" UK based police anti corruption unit. Thought it was really well done and kept you guessing about alot of stuff till the end. The british do a really good job with this sort of stuff
  11. steffanth

    ground loop help

    i will give that a shot......thanx for the advice
  12. steffanth

    ground loop help

    thanx for your replies guys......i will try those options and see if it makes a difference Different power point for sub - no difference different power point for bluray - no difference unplugging antenna - no difference Disconnecting lfe on def tech speakers - no difference ground loop isolator for rca - no difference (tried with previous setup so alreadt had one) im using 2 new arlec powerboards. but this issue existed with the old equiptment and old powerboards. Could it be positioning of the centre channel in relation to the preamp . . .. there is only about 10cm distance between them. Cheers Stef
  13. steffanth

    ground loop help

    hey peeps....hoping someone can give me some ideas as i have run out. I have a while coming through my sub. My gear is Emotiva xmc-1 xpa5 poweramp xpa-d2 poweramp Panasonic UB900 Bluray Definitive technology surround speakers with LFE inputs I am running everything from the same powerpoint. Running balanced interconnects between the pre and the poweramps as well as from the pre to the sub1. RCA from the pre to the def tech speaker lfe inputs which is RCA. Any ideas on what else i can do to get rid of the shine out of hte system. Had it with my previous setup but i thought going balanced would help get rid of it. Cheers Stef
  14. Giving this another try with some more notice. I have made my foray into 2 channel with some new gear and would like to invite people to come and have a listen. (we can go home theatre as well if you want to) I will put on some nibbles and some non alcoholic drinks. Lets work on 11am till 2pm Feel free to bring some cd's or music on a usb drive. SSACD is not an option nor is turntable i will be away from perth 17th July to 5th of August so wont be checking the thread in this time.
  15. no worries guys............if you want to come for a listen you can get in touch. I was a little dismayed that it had about 180 views but only one comment to say they would like to come but couldnt at that time. I will look to do something when i get back from portugal so i will put up something for the 5th of August