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  1. steffanth

    Netflix currently watching

    Nightflyers does pick up. .. .. i quite enjoyed it tbh
  2. steffanth

    One sub or two.

    3 subs work well too
  3. steffanth

    No MONO for me thanks.

    or having lost of the use of one side of his body due to a bizzar skiing accident and he is stuck lying on one side that would make me grumpy
  4. steffanth

    Schiit interview video done by Darko!

    if i was after a dac or headphone amp i would give them a shot based on the interview . . . .and user reviews . . . . but would still prefer to actually listen to something.
  5. steffanth

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    im interested to see how this unit is received by the community. It looks and seems to have the goods.
  6. steffanth

    Subwoofer better than Submersive

    I have a paradigm sub 1 and that throws some really nice tight bass due to its 6*8 inch drivers. Great low extension. Its bigger brother, the sub 2 is even better with 6*10 inch drivers with a lower extension but is damn pricey at around $15K
  7. i also use the 10m comsol between my uhd bluray (panasonic) and my x7000. Never had an issue
  8. steffanth

    Netflix currently watching

    Binge watched a danish series called worrior yesterday.. Quite enjoyable. Have watched a dew danish series actually and enjoyed them all.
  9. steffanth

    Transmission line speakers?

    i have the ambassador slimline series (Ambassador 46SQTL) from adelaide speakers and went with the ribbon tweater. Also got the large 3 way centre with matching drivers. I purchased without auditioning and have never regretted it. They are nice and smooth on the mids with great tight low end bass extension and a nice top end without being bright. I have them on surround duties as i have paradigm s8's running mains duties now. No way i would give up these beauties though . . . . they rate well against speakers three times their price.
  10. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    I tried a universal remote . . . . .wasnt for me . . . found it more hassle than anything else . . . . does work for alot of people though
  11. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    No it wont. What what do you find more inconvenient . . . . adjusting volume with the avr remote . . .or playing around with the same remote to keep switching backwards and forwards between sources
  12. steffanth

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    why not just turn off the arc . . . .run an optical cable from the tv to the avr for sound from tv
  13. Great unit . . . . i got one myself about 4 months ago and love it to bits . . .. .sound is excellent and great for 2 channel as well wiht the pure direct mode.
  14. steffanth

    Free B&W P3 Series 2 Headphones - Raffle

    Hi there. I would also like to join the raffle and very happy to donate if i win Cheers Steffan