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  1. B&W PX Replacement ear pads

    have you sent an enquiry through to B&W. They might have different sizes available. Whats your thoughts on the sound of the px vs the p7. I am looking into these myself. I note the p7 is more expensive than the px over here in perth by about $50.
  2. Barcelona hi fi adventures

    Thanx for the thought.....i will have a couple of days in which i can explore madrid a little bit. Keen to check out whats on offer

    the uhd on netflix definitely does not use the expanded colour gamut......at least on my system.
  4. Netflix currently watching

    i loved altered carbon........did it for me...can see how it wouldnt be everybodies cup of tea though
  5. Buying & Selling Online - Guidelines

    another thing that may also help..........if buying something sight unseen from here especially......see if there is a member in the area that you trust and ask them to go and view the product and confirm it is a working condition prior to it being sent. Its not a foolproof option but it is a certian amount of protection. I would be happy to do that for people who are buying from perth.
  6. New Member from Perth WA

    put the grills back on them..........you will forever regret selling that gear off
  7. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    fantastic series.....i binged and watched it all over 2 days....couldnt turn the damn thing off
  8. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Thankyou for coming.....it was great to meet you. Next time im sure we will have more time to chat Stef
  9. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Hey Pete....... Was great to meet you. When i get john wick 2 on uhd i will give you a bell and we can make an evening of it. Cheers Stef
  10. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    big thankyou to all that made it over.......it was en enjoyable afternoon and was great to put some faces to the names. i look forward to catching up again with you all. I learnt alot today Stef
  11. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    looking forward to it guys........i have got some snaggas for the barbies, some cheeses and cold meats and coke and sprite. Will do up a salad. The neighbours have been warned so its ok if we get a little loud in the volume levels
  12. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Right.....that being the case it is back on Please either put your name below or send me a pm today so i can send you the address. I will not be able to respond till late tonight or early morning as i will be working all day and night. I will throw together a salady thing and get some sausages for the bbq. i will also get a couple of bottles of coke etc. BYO booze and if someone would like to bring so coleslaw or potato salad that would be great. Cheers Stef If someone would like to bring
  13. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    all good Albero and pops So far we have confirmed Steffan Alberto Pops
  14. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    hey peeps Can we get a final number count please. Just do a copy paste and add your name if your coming. Cheers Steffan
  15. agreed.......if its too loud you can move away from the speakers. I dont take earplugs but i dont stand directly in front of the speakers eather........i tend to stay about 30 degrees off axis and at least 20m back on the edge of the crowd...more room to dance there. One thing i noticed was that there were a lot of topless ladies there. It was good to see.... not in the sense of checkin out boobs but normalising it meant it desexualises it and that really needs to happen in australia. Australia is very conservative and compared to european countries....where topless women are common on beaches and festivals and such.....they are just a part of the body and not something to be ogled and sexualised.