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  1. change the tv output setting to stereo
  2. i have had a similar issues this last week with a show on netflix, but only through one particular speaker. the left surround. never had it any other time. i stopped watching that particular serties
  3. I have a pair of S8 v2 that i picked up second hand a few years back. I will take those things to the grave with me . . . absolutely no-one is getting those babies
  4. thats what i do with my front of house tv. works a treat, no lag issues
  5. why not just use the streaming provider from your oppo or other blueray player and let the sound go through your avr. its much simpler.
  6. one of the other massive advantages to a projector that people never talk about is that with a tv . . doesnt matter what sort it is . . you get the blue light which causes sleep issues (it tricks your brain into thinking its day time). The reflected image off a projector screen i founds, doesnt have that affect at all. It really does not make sense to drop down to 85 inch from 110. 110 inch has a viewing size of 3.0688 square Meters 85 inch has a viewing size of 2.1808 square meters. going from 110 to 85 is a drop in screen size of 28.94%
  7. bloody nightmare sometimes. . . i had seriously gone through about 6 different programs and media players to get it working and it turns out it was the streamer itself. . . .all sorted now though. I just need to work out volume control but thats a different fight
  8. That did the trick . . . . thank you so much . . . i was about to tear out the last 10 strands of hair i have left
  9. Downloaded vlc. Finds my streamer no problem. Playback, Renderer. select "Stef Streamer" and nothing, zip nada. go to my phone and works just fine. Have tried disabling the firewall. no difference
  10. I was unsuccessful using the chromecast within the chrome browser but will give vlc a try tonight. thankyou
  11. The system is the cambridge CXN V2 streamer which is wired into the network and is chromecast supported. The laptop i have tried on wireless and wired. I can stream from my android device with no issues. This is a new thing for me to stream from my laptop. i now work from home 50% so its good to have control without having to have to leave the chair at my workstation.
  12. Thats what i read . . . but im trying to push music . . . so it needs to come from some sort of media player? And im trying to push lossless as well.
  13. Has anyone managed to do this. I cant get it to work from my laptop. it works from my android phone no problem via the built-in chromecast. I am at my wits end trying to get music to play on The system from my laptop Any help appreciated
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