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  1. steffanth

    Best sub to add to 2.0 HT system

    Agree 100%. It would be an absolute tragedy to pair a cheap and nasty sub to those speakers
  2. steffanth

    Trade up or not

    i have s8's and love them . . . .. fantastic speakers.
  3. i recently got the cambridge audio cnx v2 for my system and it is a significant improvement from the dacs in the emotiva xmc-1. which was also a significant improvement over my older denon 3313. But . . . how much of that was the new poweramp i got with the xmc-1 and how much was going balanced interconnects and so on so forth. all i know is that i enjoy the music much more than i did before. Im also really enjoying the tidal streaming with the master audio . . . . . . .
  4. dunno . . . . .its a pretty exclusive club . . . .
  5. But i am a VIP . . . . .in my own eyes anyway .
  6. where do you Rsvp Cant find anything on their website
  7. steffanth


    i never sit in front of the speakers and just listen to music . . . .im always doing something when it is on . . . .the music i listen to is just way too energetic to sit in front of
  8. i personally will be urging them to crank up the fcuking volume
  9. steffanth


    second Tidal
  10. just saying . . . .i have booked for 11.30 am on the saturday. . . . .you have to book a spot.......get onto it
  11. steffanth

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    and did you note the following down the bottom of the page. . . . x WE NOW SHIP DIRECT TO AUSTRALIA! Do you think their sales may have suffered using a local distributor?
  12. hey Clint. got 2 other enquiries before you so i think its taken
  13. one spot left. $6 per month Anyone keen
  14. steffanth

    All is lost?

    I will second the CXN. I picked up a V2 a week and a bit ago and it has really brought my digital music to life.