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  1. BritTV Update: The quality seems to have deteriorated for BBC 1 & BBC 2 at the top of the channels column but if you scroll down to the Flash channels there's some good quality streams. Also, when you sign up you get access to all the VPN streams on the bottom. Still haven't found anything to put me off subscribing after 5 months.
  2. Yeah, it's not HD or digital quality but certainly on a par with aerial signal & does the job for me nicely. They've just added iPhone & iPad compatibility also as part of their service & for no extra charge, which is a steal. Apparently the first & only service to show UK TV outside the UK on these platforms. Found a review page for those looking for further details: UK TV Abroad Review
  3. So has anyone else signed up & have any feedback? Or does anyone have any other alternatives worth mentioning that are better? Found a link that claims to offer a free 15 minute preview also, if anyone's interested: 15 minute preview of Brit TV
  4. Sorry for bringing an old thread top but thought ye might be interested in checking out what is surely the best streaming service on the net: 46 Sky channels including Sky Sports 1-3, all the movie channels, TV guide, on demand services & huge resource of radio channels FOR A TENNER!!!!! No messing about with proxys, perfect video quality, no buffering issues & everything accessed from the one location. Click here for a free 10 minute preview: UK TV Abroad Dennis, who runs the site, is generally always online to answer any queries via the popup at the bottom right. Tell him Niall sent you! HDMI cables on Amazon for less than £2 also for watching through the telly. Perfect for those looking to save money or those living abroad looking to catch up on radio & tv from home. & you also get to stop giving Rupert Murdoch your hard earned. Nice! :beerchug:
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