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  1. I just did a price check for my TW6000 myprojectorlamps $317 + GST epson online $299 inc GST lampsexpress $410 inc GST I would not have thought that epson would be cheaper?
  2. Hi there, I am sorry to ask on here but I have read everything I can find and there is so much conflicting information. I am looking at setting up a basic screen and projector until I can afford something better. I think I am pretty much decided on a Benq W1200 and a Grand View screen ( I apologise if this is a substandard setup but t is in my price range). It will be used to watch sporting events on TV, the occasional movie and PS3. I am after some information given my room size. The room is 5440mm long and 3950mm wide and the ceiling is 2830mm high. I would like the projector roof mounted and this can be no closer to the screen than 4000mm as there is raked ceilings. At distances greater than that I have beams that run front to back. Are there any mounts suitable to attach to this? I have trawled the internet and there is various advice and calculators but it is not making sense so am looking for recommendations. We plan on having two rows of seats if possible. These can be situated anywhere in the room and I will build the back row up around 300mm. the back row is a couch with recliners and the front row is two separate recliners. I would like a fixed screen. Then there is a question of which size and gain. Do you have any recommendations? Would I be better getting the projector first and then seeing which screen size suits? How do you know how far to have the screen off the ground? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Thanks Fwoy but managed to get one from Pioneer albeit for the 509 model. Luckily it fits.
  4. Thanks for the spot! Although it says that is for the 508, everything on the net says it is for the 509. Just hope it fits!
  5. Hi all, Just enquiring if anyone has an original stand for purchase for a '08 Pioneer Plasma. When the TV's came out there was an option to have either a wall or desk top mount. I chose the wall as we were in our own place however we are about to move to a rental property. Pioneer no longer sell these mounts. I would be happy to buy outright or swap for the wall mount. I believe the stand part number is: PDK-TS28 Cheers...
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