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  1. Bump. Really need this gone so happy to throw in free shipping with the deal.
  2. Hi all, Spring Cleaning session! Selling a pair of Mordaunt Short Avant MS-904 Gen 2 speakers. Owned about 6 years but barely used. Really smooth sound and small footprint. Metal done tweeter sounds like a silk dome. Happy to demo in SE Melbs. Unmarked and virtually new. Chasing $200. Awesome little speakers for small dosh!
  3. I know! Dirt cheap for an awesome entry grade A-Lens!
  4. Bump. Open to reasonable offers. dirt cheap way to try out scope
  5. Has anyone checked out the latest XPA series from Emotiva? Modular amp design which means you can upgrade the amp with additional channels up to 7. So buy a 2 channel and keep on adding modules to suit. Good concept since you wont have to get rid of your main power amp when upgraditis strikes. http://emotiva.com/products/amplifiers/xpa-gen3
  6. can send more pics if needed. Upload limit of 0.5MB is holding me back!
  7. Hi All, I have a CAVX MK2 Anamorphic lens with manual slide for sale. Lens is in great condition. No chipping or scratches. Slide moves nicely. Great way to get into the world of 2.35:1. Selling because I upgraded the projector. Located S.E Melbourne. Its a big heavy bugger so pick up would be best. Looking for $200 or nearest offer. Cheers mmu16
  8. much better than the 103. No cinavia!!!
  9. Sacrilege I know but there's an XPR 5 and XPR 2 for sale on SNA....
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