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  1. no not 2x 4k splitters. As mentioned above i need 1 4K splitter and 1 4k transmitter over cat6 (HDBaseT).
  2. I was looking for specific models someone could recommend because they have used it before for similar requirements. So i need recommendations for a 4K splitter to go to 4K TV in family room and 4K projector in Theatre room (close to family room) and from splitter to a 4K transmitter, over CAT6 (HDBaseT) to go off to 4K TV in Bedroom.
  3. no 2K in new setup. 4K in all 3 locations and source (foxtel iq4) is 4k.
  4. Old setup for 1080i Foxtel: Foxtel iQ3 box in fam room plugged into HDMI splitter in fam room HDMI cable going from splitter in fam room to fam room TV HDMI cable going to theatre room from splitter in fam room(very close so only short HDMI needed to AMP), HDMI extender via cat6 cable plugged into splitter in fam room then long cat6 run off to bedroom. Basically want 4k solution for the above.
  5. Hi All, what would be the best 4K HDMI extender over cat6 to use? This is to extend 4k Foxtel iQ4 into another room. thanks.
  6. thanks for the response and the link to the review. Sport is a big part of my viewing so this is also good to know thanks.
  7. Item: CAVX MK3 and manual slide Location: Melbourne Price: $1200 ONO Item Condition: Excellent condition hardly used, no scratches or marks on lens. Reason for selling: Barely used, too lazy to get up and manual adjust. Paid $1999 will sell for $1200 ONO Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Will send or give in original box to ensure fragile item is packaged correctly. Pictures:
  8. Looking to upgrade my receiver to a 4K capable ATMOS one. Would the Marantz SR6013 be a good choice for movies and music to drive Polk RTiA9's? thanks.
  9. Looking to upgrade 1080P projectore to a 4K. Which one should I go with? Sony VPLVW-270ES OR JVC DLA-N5 . Sony is at 3rd Gen for Native 4K projectors, this will be JVC's first attempt at native 4K. Should this have any bearing on my decision? thanks.
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