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  1. I'll take Florence + the Machine John Mellancamp John Mayer Lana Del Ray Postage to 6169 Cheers Glen
  2. glenm64

    FREE: Tannoy Mercury MX-4

    Very generous indeed.[emoji106]
  3. Needed another record storage rack, and Id been racking my brain trying to come up with something industrial that would go with the existing one I had made. Wood was from an old weathered industrial jarrah pallet I'd stored away years ago. You just cant buy timber like it. Well low and behold, a month ago I found another exact pallet laying in a scrap heap. Talk about a win.[emoji106] So now I have a matching pair.
  4. glenm64

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Lets be quite Frank about this, its another classic album.
  5. Peppermint tea is the bomb IMO.
  6. glenm64

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Your not the only one Ranger.
  7. glenm64

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    Ive been a fixed plant fitter in heavy industry for nearly 40 years. Mine is a constant ringing, and sometimes it sounds like the cicarda insects or crickets chirping. Its worst when its quiet. I can be camping sitting around the camp fire thinking what a beautiful sound the insects are making, but the wife tells me its dead quiet. I work shift work, and when on night shift I sleep with ear plugs in. Strangely I dont notice it when I have the ear plugs in. I normally have my music up a little bit and dont notice it. But Ive also got a bit of hearing damage too. Industrial deafness tends to affect the vocal ranges most, and I dont really notice it too much musically. Elaine just has to suffer louder music or t.v. volumes. I heard a while ago that here in Oz there was a treatment that helped. It involved the patient wearing headphones that played certain frequencies over a period of time that neutralized the tinnitus. Havent heard anything about it since.
  8. The Sinner. Watched season 2 first by mistake. Now watching season 1. Each season is a different story, bit like Fargo. I like it.
  9. I bought it to help me listen to speech. Too many years of work as a fitter has dulled the hearing. Does that well, and has surprisingly decent bass for the size of the bar. But has its limitations.
  10. glenm64

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Been a chaotic week. Chilling to a bit of Bob to start with. Now playing Boston. Peace of Mind is a great track.
  11. Dang it all[emoji850]. Bought a 650 last month.
  12. glenm64

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Full Range, all I can say is"oh yeah"
  13. All I need is a benevolent big brother to buy them for me ...... maaate! [emoji1787]
  14. glenm64

    Counterpart Series 2...

    Cant wait. Really enjoyed season 1.
  15. Looking foward to season 2 of Counterpart.