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  1. This is one of my favourite albums. No weakness throughout and it sounds great. Bernard Fanning - Tea and Sympathy
  2. Not really a Prince fan, but I like a lot of JJ's taste in music, so gave The Rainbow Children a play on Spotify. I like it, didnt expect the jazz feeling throughout. I may even try a few more of Princes albums.
  3. Just finished watching The Stranger. Another good British non glamorised series.
  4. Archie Roaches "Dancing with My Spirit" gets a spin this morning. One of our great singer song writers.
  5. Just got my Fidelity Research FR101 back from Garrett Bros. New elliptical diamond and a new alloy cantilever fitted. It will replace the AT95E. What to play first up? Hmmmm, the great sound engineer Alan Parsons - I Robot gets first dibs.
  6. Chilling out by the fire with a glass of wine(or 2) and the sweet sounds of Michael Kiwanuka's debut album Home Again.
  7. Ive recently sent my FR101 off to Garrett Bros for a rebuild. Just got the call this morning its being posted back today. They have a good reputation. GLWTS.
  8. My man cave has got a Dual 1237A that I recycled from an old Grundig RPC 3000. Its a fully automatic unit that sounds great to my ears. Ive put it in an old radiogram that sets it off. My other TT in the lounge is a Denon DP1200. These things are rock solid units that will last several lifetimes. I love old things, and while they may not be the best, they do satisfy these dulling ears and bring a smile whenever I use them.
  9. Following up with Overnight Sensation. A cracker David McMacken cover to set it off.
  10. Hot Frank doing some hot jazz on Hot Rats. Damn this is one fine album.
  11. Running On Faith is an absolute masterpiece on this album.
  12. 3 men - 2 beards, 2 guitars, 1 set of drums. But theres really only one beard. Confused? Dont be just enjoy.
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