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  1. If you didnt say it was a smoker, it could be mistaken for a turbo charged refrigerator on wheels🤣 Thats one serious bbq T.B.
  2. This is such a great album. Side 2 track 2 "Whatever's Written In Your Heart" is stunning.
  3. Some sweet and down right righteous funk from Cymande spinning tonight. If you haven't had a listen to this album, well you just should. Their 1972 debut album is an absolute classic and probably one of the first British black funk groups to make it.
  4. Thats a great live Bowie album. In fact I'm gunna give it a spin tonight
  5. Well the Meat Master 1 Million worked a treat. Bear brisket 2 hrs @ 140 for a crust then 5 hrs @ 125 covered. Resting now for 1 hr wrapped. It felt really soft and gooy inside, all the gelatinous goo is rendered down and is my favourite thing with a brisket. The fluid(bourbon, garlic, bay leaves, and stock) will be gravy too.
  6. A lazy Sunday afternoon. The bbq is cooking brisket, Elaine and I are playing a few games of pool and enjoying some Aussie Crawl.
  7. This is where I first saw the idea. https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/50-diy-bbq-charcoal-pit-temperature-controller.1090111/ With the Inkbird internal relay you dont need the S.S.R.
  8. The adaptor seller on Fleabay had several options available. Seller was called "trustedinventer". He was helpful with my questions. It came with a plate and lock nuts for the threaded part. I cut down the plate to fit in the air draft slide on my bbq. It has a flapper valve in it to stop draft when the fan isnt running, choking the draft making temp control easier. A 7530 fan fits perfectly in it.
  9. Cheers Mr B. I used an Inkbird ICT 100RL controller. Its a LV model with inbuilt relay. The thermocouple connects via a 6.5mm jack. I used a PWM speed controller on the fan because I dont want it to blow any ash around. I could have used a smaller J box, but it isn't too big. It will sit under the bbq. I got the idea via a bbq forum page.0
  10. Finish off putting together my PID charcoal bbq temp controller. I like to tinker and cost under $100 to make. Its on its maiden voyage. It's not cooking meat, just running it in learning mode for this run. Looks like a brisket on the weekend😁
  11. John Lee Hookers, The Heeler up next. Great album with lots of collaborations. I really wish his Best Of Friends was released on vinyl. Lots of releases in the late 90's and 2000's werent released on vinyl unfortunately.
  12. Bobby Blue Blands California Album A very lay back sound, perfect for sitting back to with a cold drink after a hot day.
  13. It's hard to know who saved who. But the world is a better place they both managed to get out of the grip of heroin.
  14. The 70 year old with more energy that most teenagers. The man who saw Jim Morrison and went yep, I'm gunna let the animal out of the cage. Iggy Pops Lust For Life. It's no one trick pony folks. Tonight is one of my favourites.
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