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  1. Your got me putting Adobo sauce on the summer list of things to do too. A bit of tequilla in it and some Chipotles in there too, soaking up the sauce. Mmmmmm, Im drooling right now thinking about it. Anyone else do Baja style fish tacos? I love them done in tortillas with sweet crispy whiting fillets, adobo mayo, coleslaw (done with red cabbage, carraway seeds and cider vinegar) topped with a slice of avocado.
  2. Thanks Powerglide, awesome, you can never have too much chilli. I always have heaps of Jalapenos each year. I normally pickle them, love them, especially on top of pasta or steak. Chipotle adobo sauce is awesome on Baja style fish tacos, so I'll be brewing some up too this year.
  3. The Spring Peaks. A young fella at work, his band has released an EP. So heres a shameless plug for their latest release. Great video clip too.
  4. Another "Live at The Greek" When Neil was in his prime. It makes you feel like your there.
  5. Wow, they look awesome. I get blown away by some peoples handy work. More importantly, is he happy with the music they conduct?
  6. Well it took 2 weeks to get here but they arrived. They were well packed.
  7. Todays first up album is Living In The Past. Sorry for the poor photo, but Im reluctant to take it out of the cover, to keep it in reasonable shape. Its an early pressing book style gatefold double album, and quite bulky. Anyhow, its a sort of compilation album of their first few early albums with other gems thrown in. Blues/rock/folk, whatever else you want to call it, I think you just call it Jethro Tull.
  8. Nina is one of my favourite sings, and does it her way oh so well.
  9. Morning spinners. A compilation album from the Easybeats front man highlighting his and Vander and Young's talents. Another life wasted to drugs.
  10. Some interesting comments. As a relative new comer here I enjoy the reading of various spinning threads, what better way to discover new artists and styles that you either didnt know existed, or even better, didnt realise you liked. I appreciate peoples thoughts and comments about their music, it helps to build bridges across the genres and artists for others. I've never bought into the X is better than Y argument. I love sitting back listening to a record, reading the inserts, liners and covers. Sound engineers, session muso's, comments from artists about the circumstances of the album. Dont care if its a early pressing or new, as long it sounds good to me. Ive got tones of digital, but thats many for when Im away camping or touring. Theres some great albums not available on vinyl, so thats when I mainly listen to digital at home. My boys come over and educate me on they taste in music via streaming. All played on my $1000 system that sounds great to me, and thats all I care about. Frees up money to keep building on my record collection. But watch out if if my Lotto numbers come in, boy its gunna be a kick ass system. Tubes, Tannoys, horns, a rare wooden plinthed turntable beauty and what ever else gets in my way.[emoji16]
  11. This is a great album. Recorded when a couple, you can hear their life in music.
  12. Watched " The Telegram Man" on SBS. Only a short story but excellent. Do yourself a favour [emoji106]
  13. What I love about vintage stuff like this is they are not only wonderful sounding, but also works of art.
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