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  1. One of the best live performers Ive seen. Great album.
  2. Iggy Pops live album has plenty of energy. Not bad for an old man hey? Josh Homme collaborated on the album, and theres a few of the Queens on this live album too. A nice gift from son #1.
  3. And to get the head banging (first spin of this one from Jon[emoji106]). Good album, getting into the Queens after my boys took me to see them a while back.
  4. Glass of wine at the end of the day, with Grace getting me tapping my foot and feeling good. [emoji5]
  5. This turned up the other day from Candyflip, gets its first spin today. I like it[emoji106] Thanks Jon [emoji16]
  6. Very nice indeed. That curly jarrah is beautiful.👍
  7. These Tiny Desk Concerts have shown me so many great artists. [emoji106]
  8. I enjoyed both seasons of The Sinner. I actually watched half of season 2 first before I realized it wasn't the first season, but it really didnt matter.
  9. That Raising Sand is a great album.
  10. So many good covers, its not easy to do if the original artist is a legend. Heres 2 of my favourites. Beverley Knight And this one from Kate Bush. The reggae feel just nails it for me.
  11. I personally like Stauns. You preset them to a given pressure though. I have 2 sets, 1 Stauns and 1 cheap eBay knock offs. One set for offroad @ 28psi, and one set for beach work @ 15psi The eBay jobs work fine, but not as well made as the Stauns. You also want a decent pressure gauge. Dont rely on the compressors one, they can be way out.
  12. You will have to play with pressures. But speed will have to come down heaps. If you deflate too much then you dont have any resistance and then start to damage tyre and rim See if you can find a set of 16' rims for off road trips. Some folks sell their brand new car's wheels and upgrade to flash ones. Seen lots for sale fairly cheap.
  13. I run 40 and 42 in the Dmax and van when loaded. I go straight down to 28psi when I hit the dirt. The rule of thumb is drop pressure 25% and speed at least 25% as a starting point on corro /rocky ground. Staun deflators are a quick way if youve got lots of tyres to deflate. Most 4wd's when loaded are around the 40psi mark, or higher, so thats why you hear the 28 - 30psi mentioned alot. When off road, the tyres side wall also act as a shocky, cushioning vibration to the vehicles suspension. The larger the side walls, the greater the cushioning, and they also dont have to work as hard (heat and fatigue) as the lower profile tyres. Putting 17 and 18 inch rims on off road vehicles isnt doing any favours. Lower profile tyres dont have as much side wall height, they dont ballon as much is sand or mould over rocky terrain(the moulding helps avoid cutting/piercing).
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