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  1. Is it just me who finds the Frozen soundtrack enjoyable, maybe it's my young daughter rubbing off on me
  2. Hi All, I've had my in's and outs with high level audio, many many years ago now, i remember when Ogg format came out and spending hours trying to lissen for the diffrence between my 192 mp3 and 128 ogg, Since then moved onto other things to spend money on, but getting back into the hobby, Work setup is a PC37X and Creative G6 - gotta have that mic for meetings Home setup Topping MX3 paired to some Dali concepts, and a few pairs of headphones, DT990 pro's some Dekoni Blues (t50RP mod) and some Senhiser HDR180's for when i really need the wireless. I've started to realize that with a young daughter that goes to bed at 7 every night it's going to be headphones for a good while so building up my home desk dac/amp setup.
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