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  1. Hi I have a Panasonic TH-P50G10A It has the 10 blink error code I've tried the reset with no luck.The back is now off, nothing really obvious except there is a slight bulge in one of the 220V 1400uf capacitors on the PS.Don't know if this is the cause of my problem.All the fuses on the PS have continuity. I'm searching to see if I can find some direction to go from here. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  2. G'Day Anyone out there have troubleshooting experience on the Sony Bravia KDLX3100 series ? I recently picked up a 52" with no display as a project to learn about LCD TV's and how to troubleshoot and fix as a side hobby. The set will turn on and stay on with green LED, the back lights come though they do flicker (Not sure if they should be solid or flicker). The screen is black but the back light flickering can be seen.Occasionally at random areas on the screen a horizontal line the full width of the screen will flick on then off. There is no OSD/Menu either and haven't been able to access the diagnostic or service modes. When I disconnect the left connector going from the UB1 board to the T-Con board the back lights shut off and the standby LED flashes red 5 times indicating a T-Con comms error.Plug the connector back in and it goes away. When I do the opposite the top area of the screen develops green and pink speckled flickering on a white background.This does not cover the whole screen however. From the info I've gathered on this model the problem is pointing towards the FB2 board which does all the video processing. Doing some testing on the FB2 board I've found that there is no voltage reading at the F4600 fuse which appears to be related to the D-Sub connector.I'm unsure whether this only has a voltage when a connector is plugged so I'm not certain if this is related to my problem or not. Reading a Sony training manual for the XBR4,XBR5,W3000 and VL130 series there is an amber "Heartbeat LED located on the FB1/FB3 boards that should be flashing. The service manual for the X3100 makes no mention of this though the info between service manuals and training manuals is somewhat different. In the area on the FB2 board where the heartbeat LED would be located(LHS lower area) I can see what looks like any other surface mount fuse or capacitor(A tiny rectangular block) but it's coloring is opaque rather than a brown,black,grey like all the others.It appears to be the only one like this on the board so it could be the LED spoken off in the other models.If so it's not flashing. So this is where I'm at with this problem If anyone has any experience with this model or has experienced similar problems I'd love to hear from you Thanks Steve
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