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  1. It was not the mast wobbling despite three guy wires, it was a huge Swamp Mahogany with its branches waving in the line-of-sight, which caused the signal to vary. An offset 80cm ($50) one works well and signal strength is now 90 and quality is 71. The prime focus Strong 85cm dish would have cost me $100. Sprayed an extra coat on the mountings to improve the life of the system. And used a lot of silicon at the grommet to stop moisture ingress.
  2. Thanks Tazzy for the Hills tip. Have just been looking for pipe fittings (adjustable angle 3 way tee) in the fencing sections to hold the mast to the roof where the dish rises. Hills will have something smaller as some of the gate fittings start from 32 Nominal Bore, which is 42.5 OD, a bit too big.
  3. Thanks beeblebrox. My old Strong 85cm was mounted on a pole with three guy wires but pipes would be better. Strong winds, yes! Some of my blue gums in the plantation get flattened. Now you have put the wind up ..........! Will use silicon sealant and electrical tape; thanks for the warning.
  4. Hi tazzytwoheads, Thanks for that. Saw the contents of the carton the Strong LNB comes in on Fleabay and it contained the grommet and the LNB. When I tried to buy the article from iTechworld, the grommet was missing. As I am not a professional installer with the correct connectors and rubber tape, I need that grommet. So I walked out of the shop and bought it off Fleabay for the same price. The dish AccessAntennas sells as an 85 cm dish has a size of 82/76 cm so I returned and got my money back as I walked into the shop and asked for an 85cm one. The invoice calls it an 80cm type. Anyway, found another shop in Perth that sells 80s and 90s, so I will go for the 90 for $82.
  5. Hi, Access Antennas sells both an 80 cm (82x76) dish and an 85cm dish for $50. I asked for an 85cm dish and was given this "squashed" 80 cm one. When I queried this I was told they are both the same as far as "ability" is concerned. The topic "Reception in southern WA" has been archived, which used to be all about VAST and satellite problems, so unfortunately in my desperation had to fall into this forum, which might be incorrect, my apologies. Is it correct to say that both dishes have the same "signal catching ability", as I used to have a Strong 85cm one before, which rusted after eight years at the mounts? By the way, one company in WA, which shall remain nameless, sells the Strong LNB without that all-important grommet. One suspects installers of that company just help themselves to the grommets in the boxes set aside for clients. In fact, that grommet gets special mention in sat fora as it needs at least a bit of silicon or, even better, a special type of insulating tape to keep the moisture out. So selling this LNB without a grommet is asking for trouble. How is the customer attaching the FME end to the LNB then? Have contacted the ES sales office and reported that firm, obviously without getting an answer back. Thanks.
  6. Have cut the tree and bought a new LNB via Fleabay. iTechworld in Belmont wanted to sell me a new LNB without the grommet, which is an essential item, so I had to buy it from eBay! Have contacted Strong to advise them of their dealer is not supplying the grommet with the LNB. Seems to be a very important item for staff there to take them out of the boxes?
  7. Hi, Twin tuner, works like a charm after the internal disk croaked and I put an external onto this gift. Now I record at home, connect it to a Sanyo TV in the bush, no go for playback. I can see all the recordings on the playlist BUT when I press OK or PLAY on the highlighted TV show the thing does not play back. This PVR has not been initialised in the bush to the various TV channels as the TV there is connected to a sat. decoder on HDMI 3. The PVR is connected to HDMI 1. Is this non-initialisation the problem? I must be doing something wrong - help! Thanks.
  8. As I have several power supplies with 3.3V, 5V and 12V I am wondering if the following can be confirmed as the output of the power board of the DSD4121 PVR ready: From left to right: 3.3 3.3 GND GND 5 5 NC 12 This is a suggestion from a friendly Whirlpool member, does this look OK? All it seems to say on my power board is 3.3 5V 12V but seven lines go to the sat board in the ribbon cable.
  9. Bought after changeover, now dead. Does not even show this error again. Downloaded uec update file, got a USB stick from Walpole 20 or more km away, held CH+/CH- keys as per update instructions but the unit would not download. Am doing this as UEC suggested flash memory problems. At least UEC gives a firm repair quote and if one does not accept the quote then it costs $20 for the postage/handling back. This is a PVR model which stopped after a night time recording. May or may not get it fixed; at least one has a choice now of several models to purchase. Electrolytic caps look OK and the 'magic smoke' has not escaped from anywhere. Question: Anything else I can look at to fix it myself??
  10. Solved the channel problem by trawling for a solution. Reset to factory defaults and then an auto scan. Found all channels. Strange that the only channel with High Def. listed is SBS2, any idea why that is so? Toshiba USB 3.0 1TB external HD works on this USB 2.0 unit. Does not need an external power supply unlike the Olin unit I have used. Had to return an external USB disk to DIck Smith and buy an external with separate power supply as the Olin does not seem to supply the required 500 mA for USB hard disks. Any idea if I will get my full 1 TB with this USB disk as the old internal one was removed and that one called itself a 500 GB HD; will I only get 500 GB on the new internal as that is the rest of the address space? So many questions, so little time!
  11. Hi, Friend gave me this PVR as he heard mechanical noises after which unit stopped working. Removed WD5000AVVS 3 GB/sec HD as one can also record via USB 2.0 disk. This is a special "green" disk, which even claims to adjust drive RPMs to suit speed demand. Scanned the channels and now find for many channels I get the "No signal" message. Our Olin finds all the channels on the same antenna cable. Asked Dr Google and will try switching off/on, setting to factory defaults and rescanning and will hope for the best. Updating: On the TEAC site I found a 5MB update file with a file extension of ".RS232" but the manual talks of transferring it to a USB stick. RS232 looks like the interface a service technician uses and not an ignorant user like myself. Have asked TEAC's Help section and I am wondering if there will be a reply. Unit looks like a 2010 $200 thing, so it did not last very long, shame on you TEAC!!! Thanks.
  12. Tazzy, Thanks for answer. Yes, VAST and WA, SW corner, West of Albany. Noticed the following: Today, Sunday, ABC Landline program on ABC1 WA was dropping signal, ABC Queensland with Madam Butterfly was perfect. What I am suspecting is the sat transmission from QLD did not suffer from any rain interference, while WA was or wherever the signal was coming from. Not to worry, I have a sat meter but I find with a nearly correct installation the quality/level indication on the VAST/PVR box is probably a better indication of the signal.
  13. Hi, Did the recent storm turn my dish or is this now a common problem? Or do we get the ABC/SBS and other signals from the Eastern states and when the weather is bad there we get a bad signal? The marks on the mast still show the correct azimuth, perhaps the altitude is wrong now? So many questions, so little time!
  14. Austria, but not too interested in their news. I could understand Swiss and German news channels.
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