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  1. I must admit I was thinking of getting another set with lower settings. Do you think the Ip setting is the one that affects bias?
  2. Thanks trobbins now I am really worried. [emoji846] You have raised my curiosity, I will need to look into the various specs you referenced but off the top of my head other than bias I don’t think they provided the rest in the manual. Luckily I have a set of Prima Luna golds so I think I might stick with my KT88’s for general use and only swap in the KT120’s on special occasions.
  3. Just wondering do you have a friend you could borrow a different AVR from to see if you get better performance? It may help isolate the problem.
  4. “The reason being is again it's my understanding that when in 2.1 mode is being used the remaining channels are still drawing power minimising the possible maximum output of the 2 speakers being used. “ I understand it depends on the amp design. I believe many AVR’s share channels across amps rather than have discrete amps per channel, particularly for the surround channels. If they are shared removing the load for the surrounds might indeed give you more power. I have tried something similar to what you are trying where I incorporated external power amps for my surrounds while I definitely had improved power output I found that the spatial separation of the channels suffered a bit. I put that down to perhaps a timing issue between the main amp and my power amp. I messed around to try and fix it but ended up going back to just using my AVR.
  5. Richter recommend 28mA for the KT88’s and 30mA for the KT 120’s so perhaps they err on the conservative side for biasing? The site I bought the valves from said they draw an additional 0.35mA each over the KT88’s, which in my case with four equals about 1.4A increase in current draw. As expected the transformers do get hotter with the KT 120’s than with the KT88’s but I can still touch them without feeling like it will burn me. But I do not know if it is too hot.
  6. Hi All I have a conundrum. I have a set of Tung-sol KT120 Cryo matched valves. Their specs are: Ip: 88 Gm: 8,000 I must admit I am unsure of the significance of these specs. I have a Richter Medusa amp that comes with KT88’s but is compatible with KT120’s. When I install the KT120’s I can not adjust the bias enough to achieve the recommended setting of 30mA for KT120s, the closest I get is around 40mA. They seem to work fine and sound awesome. However I am worried I am causing damage to either my amp or the valves by not having the right bias. Am I paranoid or should I be worried? [emoji53]
  7. Hi I have an Epson Tw3600 for sale. As new with original packaging. Has less than 700 hrs on globe. This projector got great reviews. I'm only selling as I have upgraded to 3D Epson TW8100. I am located in the Newcastle area. $700 ONO
  8. Hi Cm_Is1. Do you still have the Darbee for sale?
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