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  1. Are there any good text books or manuals giving a good understanding of the principles of TV antennas. Including the principles of matv including the use of splitters and taps Cheers
  2. Without pretending to understand all the "vested interests" my family, especially our kids, enjoy the extra content. As for introducing the best system in the world, it will be interesting to see if other countries do introduce MPEG4 for a quality channel. I thought Alec Encel made a lot of sense even though the cost of HD equipment has now proved to be over the top. But digital can be used for more than just HD pictures. Now I understand super HD has come into the picture (perhaps for fast broadband streaming) which truly does make one think they are looking out a window. We onjoy our large Panny HD plasma and blue ray but our son also enjoys the sport, our daughter ABC3, two news channels are great and those old shows on "Mate" and "Go" sometimes are worth a look.
  3. It was all such a polital football. Did the goverment of the time ask the average punter what they would like to see from the new technology? The UK went freeview, one would have thought this was a legitimate use of this technology? Feelings ran so high on this very forum (or more correctly DBA) in those early days We spent heaps as an early adopter buying the "Footie", a Thompson (more than 1 TV) and an expensive HD CRT and always felt cheated because of the early restrictions. I do remember when it all started, one was lucky even to buy a Thompson STB and they were around the $700 mark. We enjoy the "eye candy" by a reasonble full HD Plasma panel and blu ray. Is this not the fairer way to go for those that want the full HD experience?
  4. Been a long while since I have posted and have always supported choice over quality. These days we own a large Full HD Panel, Blu Ray, Pvr etc. I still support quantity over HD and buy Blu Ray if we wish to see HD in all its glory. Our kids love the kids programming, sports etc that are offered by the extra channels offered these days. Were there a lot of vested interests at the beginning of DTV in Australia I am not sure but the Broadcasters still seem to be making a dollar while at the same time giving folks heaps of choice
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