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  1. Thanks for this information. I will read and get back
  2. Just wandering if there is anything particular that one must look for when buying a CD player if the intention is mainly for listening to quality music. I see that there are so many sold at Harvey as well as JB and for under 50 dollars. Gumtree has used ones for as low as 15 dollars. Does it matter ? What has it got to do with the quality of music
  3. Thnak you. Yes, I guess it is. I auditioned it two days ago ( before I left Tasmania ). Was not impressive. ‘I’m in Melbourne now and looking for a speaker to take back home. The better ones seem to be over my budget ($500). What do you think about the Dali 107 being advertised for 450
  4. RTR Digital Standard, Model DSX 110 Anyone has any idea about this speaker. I can’t find anything on the net.
  5. Sure will definitely. And likewise, you can carry that amp to my home if you ever happen to travel this way. I'm leaving to Melbourne on 17
  6. I'm from Launceston and very much on the look for a quality amplifier. Too far to travel for an audition. That's my problem.
  7. Thanks for your understanding. Against your wishes 🙂 , I wish I will be able to listen to this by that time. Whereabout in Victoria are you? and in your opinion will it be a better choice for me compared to my Denon AVR 1709.
  8. Anyone has the experience of this subwoofer. Is this a good one for listening to music specifically.
  9. Sorry if I mislead you. I’m looking for a nice, quality amplifier to replace my Denon avr. I’m from Tasmania and that’s why I thought it is of no point me trying ask you too many questions without having to listen to it and not being able to come down to your home. I’m anyway visiting melbourne around 10 April , and I wonder if this will be unsold for that long.
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