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  1. Am selling Boyhood (UK Region Brand New/Sealed - $22 posted.
  2. I'm after Dances with Wolves + Patton on Bluray!
  3. ^ Yup it's nationwide. There's a DVD clearance at the moment, but the only Blurays include that, Jayne's Mansfield Car and Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 5.
  4. Forgot to mention, yeah it's Instore only.
  5. Big W has a Bluray clearance at the moment. Stuff includes: - Breaking Bad Seasons 5 + 6 - $9 each, Full Bluray boxset @ $80. - Grown Ups 2, Insidious 2, Men in Black 1,2,3, About Time, Mrs Browns Boys Xmas Special and more for $5 each - 3D Titles include: Papua 3D, Egypt 3D, Africa 3D, Dinosaurs 3D, Men in Black 3D, Smurfs 3D for $5 each - Bluray boxsets including Bourne 1-4, Rambo, Despicable Me 2 Triple Play for $12 each Buncha DVDs for $5, $9 and $12 too.
  6. Big Bad Wolves (2013) - Region A Locked - New but unsealed - $16 posted I was told it was Region free but that website was wrong
  7. Does anyone have a Bluray of Hard Boiled they'd like to sell?
  8. I'm after the following Blurays, need to be Region B compatible that's all. Adventureland Night of the Living Dead The Fly Videodrome The Lodger 39 Steps
  9. The Family (Blu/DVD/DC) Region A LOCKED - $20 posted. Everything lead me to believe that this should've been Region Free. No idea why they decided to lock it. Brand New, Unsealed.
  10. This Is The End - US Region A Locked - $23 posted. Bought it brand new from Amazon, before realizing that it's Region Locked Unsealed but brand new.
  11. The Last Stand US Bluray, Region A Locked, Sealed - $20 posted in a padded bag.
  12. ^ The 25% off at Big W doesn't come off till it scans at the register. So ET is $11.95.
  13. Does anyone know what happened to the Bat Cowl edition that was on Amazon?
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