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  1. Foxtel would eventually change out all the Austar (Irdeto) units for the Foxtel (NDS) units, with hopefully a new iQ with terrestrial tuners in the years to come, but in the mean time, Foxtel should give Mystar users the option (for a cost, no doubt) of changing over to the iQ if we want.
  2. That list is what we would gain in the shorter term via Mystar. Sky News Local, IPTV etc would come much later with the iQ. We would lose however, the best thing Mystar has, the terrestrial tuners.
  3. What we gain: 808 MTV Hits 812 MTV Live 252 MTV Live HD 652 CNBC 232 Discovery HD 236 Nat Geo HD 238 Nat Geo Wild HD 201 3D CHANNEL What we lose: 134 Ovation 651 Al Jazeera English 653 CCTV News 510 Setanta Sports (becomes independent add-on) 432 Austar Help Channel 999 Top Picks
  4. We already have Speed. Al Jazeera is free to air via the satellite and CCTV is crap. Here's what Austar people miss out on: *A&E / A&E HD (from 16 February 2012) *FX / FX HD (from 26 February 2012) *MTV Hits *MTV Live / MTV Live HD *CNBC Australia *Discovery HD *Nat Geo HD *Nat Geo Wild HD *Sky News Local *3D CHANNEL *BOX OFFICE HD *ON DEMAND via IPTV Not to mention, a Set top box / pvr that actually works and doesn't randomly reboot, freeze, fail and wipe itself.
  5. L57 - The only change I can see is the HDMI signal is now off at standby. Still buggy and unreliable as ever, but it wouldn't be Austar if it was a reliable PVR without any problems.
  6. Wouldn't say its inevitable. They have Nat Geo Wild SD but not the HD version. They have MTV and MTV Classic but not MTV Hits or MTV Live HD/SD They got rid of the CNBC channel so they could afford to give their CEOs a pay rise. In 2011 nearly 2012 STILL no Box Office movies in HD, No 3D channel, no Sky News Local, No IP On Demand. Austar are pathetic.
  7. It would have to be simulcast on GEM HD surely? Nine are not that stupid are they?
  8. This is nothing new, the Mystars are crap, and have been since they were released. Austar don't care about these issues other wise they would of fixed them by now. The only fix will be if/when Foxtel take over and send out iQs.
  9. Al Jazeera is not encrypted. Anyone can watch it with a 3rd party satellite receiver.
  10. (Holding the AUSTAR button on the STB) yellow >red> green> red> blue> red Everything will be lost, recordings, timers, terrestrial region code.
  11. Add CNBC, Sky News Local, Foxtel On Demand, HD On Demand to the list.
  12. If Foxtel had half a brain, they would have to include HD terrestrial tuners for satellite iQs (not needed for the cable iQ). All the others have them: T-box, FetchTV, MyStar etc.
  13. There's no reason why Foxtel/Austar can't map the VAST channels to the line-up for those viewers. It wouldn't be hard to do as the VAST channels are already up on the same satellite, they just need to simul-crypt in NDS and map the channels into Foxtel channel numbers 001-099.
  14. Don't understand why Foxtel don't already have terrestrial tuners in their iQ boxes, all the other providers do: MyStar, Fetch, Tbox, even SelecTV did when they were in business. Foxtel needs to make the next generation boxes with HD terrestrial tuners included.
  15. If its a HDMI signal problem, make sure the front display on the Mystar is green, then hold down the back button on the remote for about 15-20 seconds.
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