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  1. You really got me thinking so I tried a few other things. Connected a different PC to the Onkyo AV. Same outcome. Lost signal. Connected a different display (small monitor). Presto! output signal, all ok!! So the problem is definitely the TV. The tv causes the signal to be lost when it connects
  2. Thanks for the reply. I checked and no CEC is on (all off). I turned off the tv/av for 2minutes then turned on the AV first. I am feeding a hdmi signal from a pc to the AV. The display on the AV says 'multich' as I'm feeding 5.1. When I turned on the wall socket for the tv the display changed to 'all channel stereo'. I then turned on the tv using the remote, the display on the AV thought for a while, then changed to 'multich' again then back to 'all channel stereo' then just as the blue screen came up on the tv it went to 'no signal'. I've gone back to look at the pc and the screen resolution has dropped automatically as though turning the tv on caused it. I'm starting to think it's the tv causing this problem and it's something to with the tv sending signals or something about compatibility.
  3. Hi, I bought a secondhand TR-706. Everything worked but the hdmi inputs. I suspected the usual fault and replaced all 100uF capacitors on the hdmi board. Now the inputs work but as soon as I connect my tv to the hdmi output, all hdmi input ports stop working! says, 'no signal'. They lose their input signal and stop working when I connect the hdmi output!? If I pull out the hdmi output, the input works again. crazy. happens on all four hdmi inputs. tv is a Bauhn 65" (Aldi) Anyone seen this before? Thanks
  4. Hi, New member... I own a stereo! :) Onkyo TR-706
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