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  1. Does anyone have any info on using the x-rite display pro 1 with a JVC x5000? I know they're not supported to do an autocal, but I'm wondering if there's another method that can be used to do it manually with some other type of software?
  2. Hey mate. Sorry it's taken so long , I still havent had a reply from my software developer about some problems I was having (i'm about to blast them through an email) so I just decided to keep going instead of keeping anyone waiting. The quality is really terrible on this one unfortunately, (it's a little embarrassing) but I'm working with what I've got at the moment. I've got a few more coming over the next day or two. Stay tuned
  3. Good game yeah?! Now jump on multiplayer and have a few games. Addictive!
  4. Its because the frame isn't plumb. If you measure how far its out, take the screen off the wall, loosen the fixing brackets and adjust
  5. Big picture people are a retailer for them. We bought ours about 2 weeks ago and they're very high quality. By far the best we've found. Fully optioned!
  6. Playing it again on hard. Been playing MP alot though.
  7. Titanfall 2 Ive been playing every day for months!
  8. I'm finishing off the latest Tomb Raider atm
  9. Sorry SetFan, I've stopped taking on requests for now. The projects I've got going are going to take my through until the end of the year at best. I will try and get to it though.
  10. Yeahhh.. that monitor should not be doing that. Get an exchange on it, and ask to test the next one before it leaves the store if you're buying it in person.
  11. I'm with you. I always watch them with the utmost intent on liking them and paying attention. But I just... can't. I couldn't even tell you what happened in the last one I watched (Rogue One)
  12. Aim for the centre of the screen at eye level when you're sitting down and then adjust it higher if it doesn't suit the height of your entertainment unit.
  13. Yeah you will, and I was gonna recommend that. Maybe go a 2 seater and stick a bean bag down the front for the little one.
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