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  1. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    Yeahhh.. that monitor should not be doing that. Get an exchange on it, and ask to test the next one before it leaves the store if you're buying it in person.
  2. I'm with you. I always watch them with the utmost intent on liking them and paying attention. But I just... can't. I couldn't even tell you what happened in the last one I watched (Rogue One)
  3. So what do you want me to do? Do a final render with a 2 seater? Or leave it as it is?
  4. Aim for the centre of the screen at eye level when you're sitting down and then adjust it higher if it doesn't suit the height of your entertainment unit.
  5. Yeah you will, and I was gonna recommend that. Maybe go a 2 seater and stick a bean bag down the front for the little one.
  6. Darker colours are less of a distraction on the eyes. Some people will paint everything matt black. We decided to retain some colour in the room and painted ours a nice matt brown and kept the cornice and skirting white. I'd definitely go some kind of darker colour on the entertainment unit.
  7. I think a larger unit would make the room look cluttered though. I wouldn't even put floor lamps in like I've shown here. It makes a small room look even smaller. I'd go as minimal as possible to make to feel bigger.
  8. that couch is about 2.5m. There's about 400mm either side if it's centered to the room(2). If you push it against the window side wall you have about 650mm(1). But then you're off-centre. It's a tricky one. You'd probably be best to push the couch up to the rear wall (3). That gives some clearance to get into the room but you cant get out the sliding door. Or if you can live with 400mm clearance then go towards the centre of the room(2). The entertainment unit it up to you. It's only about 2m long in this scene. If you intent to get floor standing speakers down the line, then something that size would do because then it's not in the way and you can hide an AV equipment.. Maybe the missus wants something bigger though?
  9. Yeah I'll show you what it looks like with some recliners too so you can convince the missus.
  10. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    I'm the opposite. I hate open world games. They're so big and take forever to finish anything. I don't have the time for it. Give me a story i can enjoy (like a movie)
  11. Best case scenario would be 2x really sexy leather theatre chairs
  12. Yeah i think so. I'll double check tonight but a 3 seater I think you'll struggle to fit, even with a chase along the wall. 2 seater seams most likely and you could just pull it away from the rear door when you're watching movies?
  13. Very small room K33nis. I couldn't really fit any type of couch in here apart from a 2 seater and pushed up against the rear wall