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  1. For those that asked - here are the real photo's
  2. Item: Google WiFi - x 3 Location: Adelaide Price: $320.00 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Upgraded my WiFi network to Ubiquiti Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very simple to set up and get going. Great consumer grade WiFi mesh network - it is great having the same SSID through out the house, and not having to manually change networks. Purchased from JB-HI at the end of January this year - receipt available if required. Current listed price at JB-HI is $494.00 for the three pack, and $199 for the singles (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/?q=google wifi&). I am only selling as I have upgraded to a Ubiquiti Uni-Fi system so that I could run VLAN's on my network. I still have the original boxes and willing to post at the buyers expense - will quote depending on the location. Pictures: (From Google) (Pictures are from Google - will post real photo's when I get home)
  3. I clearly oversized my screen then I have a 5m x 4.5 meter room and sit about 3.8 meters from the screen. I put in a 165 inch scope screen, and couldn't be happier. I would strongly suggest leaving the screen size selection until you have the room set up and watch some content on sheets. I was initially considering a 140 inch scope screen, but in real life, this looked way too small. Really happy with the 165 - so immersive. Peoples tolerance for wide screens varies and you need to tailor the room to your preferences.
  4. I have my Oppo 203 connected to my Denon 6400, which connects to my JVC 7900. I also have a 4K Apple TV and my question is what is the best way to hook up my apple TV. Should I connect it to the HDMI in on the Oppo 203 or just plug it straight into the Denon? Will the Oppo 203 improve the picture displayed by the Apple TV. It is mainly used to stream content, and to access mkv held on a NAS network drive. Didn't think this question was worthy of a full separate post
  5. Well that is really cool Not really sure why I couldn't work that out my self
  6. Hi all I have noticed in some posts they are able to insert photo's in the middle of a wall of text. How do you do this - when I drag my photos that I want to upload they are all placed at the bottom of the post.
  7. I apologise if this is a rookie question. I have just started kitting out my home theatre room which has recently been completed as part of a renovation. I have my AV equipment located at the back of the room, and I requested that the builder run speaker cables and some cabling for the subwoofer to the front of the room. I must admit I didn't closely inspect what terminations he used on the front plates at the time of installation, just saw the speaker connections, and what looked like a subwoofer connection in a poorly lit room Now that I am setting the system up, I have noticed that he has used female F-Type coaxial connectors at either end of the cable. While I was in Jaycar getting more banana plugs for the speaker cables, I have found a Male F-Type to female 75R connection, and another male 75R to RCA connection. Will this work? Is there another way to get the sub connected to the AV through the coaxial cabling that the installer has put is?
  8. My JVC 7900 arrived yesterday and OMG It is currently projecting only an almost black wall and the picture still looks awesome! Can't wait until I get a real screen. Speaking of screens, am I being ridiculous considering at 135cm cinemascope screen (2.35:1), with a seating distance of 3.5 - 3.6m? It looks great while projected onto a dark wall - do you think it will cause us to fatigue when it is projected onto https://www.projectorscreens.com.au/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=42
  9. Thanks for you advice - I ended up going with the excite centre, and keeping the Emit L/R I will just have to get over that nagging feeling, but I must admit I was pretty impressed with the Emit speakers to begin with. Hopefully I can resist the upgrade bug for a while with these components. I think I will put that extra grand into making sure the room gets some proper acoustic treatments. Controlling the reflections from the concrete walls will likely need some work.
  10. @:) al So you would recommend the extra $500 to change the centre from Emit M15C to Excite X28c is money well spent? Do you think it is worth an additional $1000 to change the Emit 15C floor speakers to the Excite x34 to match the three fronts? The trouble is where does the rabbit hole end? Equally I would prefer to do this only once (as unlikely as that is )
  11. Is there any issues mixing front L/R and centres between the classes in the same brand? would you keep a seemless front sound stage or would the centre be too bold? So you would suggest getting a third L/R speaker and tipping it sideways???
  12. As you can see in the photo above - I have had an alcove built into the rear bulk head where I am planning on seating the projector. I have some cabinetry built into the back wall and have the HDMI cable run up the wall into the alcove. It is a short run, so hopefully the mono price premium should be adequate. The cabinetry is externally vented into the stairwell behind the desk, and hopefully with the cupboard door open the AV componentry shouldn't get too hot. I currently have a desktop computer in those cupboards which seems to cope alright as long as I leave the doors open. Thanks for this - exactly what I was after. I will speak to them regarding upgrading the centre - I am currently at the lower end of the budget range, and have some flexibility here. The media room is essentially a concrete box under my garage. The roof is a metal sheet, with concrete above to the garage. Under the metal sheet I have insulation in a 100mm gap to some plasterboard. I had asked the architect to make the space 150mm, but that message didn't get thru to the builder and I have ended up with a 100mm gap. This is somewhat limiting the options for the atmos ceiling speakers, as some of the models I was looking at need 120-140mm. The distance to the finished surface including the plasterboard is 110mm. As to why Wharfedale - it is purely what was recommended by the guy at the HiFi shop - no particular affiliation with the brand - he just recommended them as a relatively neutral speaker with good performance. I agree that the 7.5 inch sub may be a bit small for the other components and the final set up. At this stage I was going to see what the end result with the super cube is like and likely move them to the back of the room and add in a larger sub if needed. Thanks for the recommendation of the Volcanix - something I will look into further. It has been an awesome process going through the component selections. The journey started over 3 years ago during the design phase of our renovation followed by a 2 year construction. It is awesome to finally be getting to the end of the journey. Really looking forward to spending some quality time down there. One advantage of the process taking so long, is the projector that I have selected would have been in the $30K range at the start of the whole process - which makes it a cheap acquisition
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