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  1. Hey GLO Maybe try a cheap universal remote. Something like this. http://www.dx.com/p/universal-remote-control-for-tv-vcr-sat-cable-vcd-dvd-ld-cd-amp-2-aa-58193?tc=AUD&gclid=CLDo_IaN2MICFQNxvAodVqUA4g#.VJc-ybAN8 Can't vouch for the authenticity of this vendor though. Or you could pick up one from Officeworks. If it's not the remote then yeah, looks like a stat warranty claim might be on the cards for you. Good luck Edit: Just saw you posted that you have an extended warranty. That being the case, I'd still pick up a cheap universal remote in order to ascertain whether it's the remote or tv that is faulty. If it's the tv then you can start the process of a warranty claim.
  2. Wow, $4K for your VT60 on the face of it looks like a sensational price. I suppose you can look at the resell value of Kuro's to assist in evaluating whether the VT60 will go up in price or down for that matter. A lot could depend on whether OLED actually takes off and is adopted by the masses. On the face of it, it looks like a great price though. I'd jump at it prior to the buyer changing his mind. Caveat being I haven't done any research of the price of Kuro's though. From what I can discern, you appear to have a penchant for black levels and contrast. I think you may have already made up your mind......LG 4K OLED, but the 77 inch version. It's coming out later this year apparently at an eye watering $22K. I'd wait until mid next year though. That way, you get to see what's on offer by the way of new models from Sammy, LG and the like. Also, the rumoured $22K price should have halved by then bringing it into your sweet spot of $11K. Definitely DO NOT drop that sort ($11K) of coin right now. If you were spending something in the range of $2K-$3k, no problem buy a 4K tv now, but not $11K.
  3. Lol.....I'm perpetually overlytaxed both metaphorically and literally! I'll simplify it. A 4K tv will do everything a 2K tv can do, including rec709. In addition to that, a 4K tv will, as the name implies, do 4K too. For the sake of a lazy few hundred dollars, I'd get the 4K tv. Poster has indicated he's getting the Pana, I'm sure he will be more than happy with that. Cheers
  4. I'd also be inclined to wait, however the poster does not have that luxury.
  5. Err...you can't say don't buy this 4K tv because it won't meet rec2020 then recommend a 1080p which also won't meet that standard either. That would be a contradiction in terms Cheers
  6. Each type of panel tech has its strenghts and weaknesses, be it Oled, plasma, Lcd (VA/Ips) so its a case of how will you use it, the environment you use it in, what aspects of picture quality do you value, then you pick your poison The poster mentioned he's potentially looking at the Panasonic 50inch 700A which is also an Ips panel. The 700A is listed on JB's site @ $1050. The link I included for the 4K LG is $1550, so approximately a 50% increase in price, which on the face of it seems a lot, but it's coming off a relatively low base. He just needs to decide whether 4K is worth the circa $500 (most probably less than $500) price difference and whether he and his partner will get any use out of 4K now or in the future. Granted, there's f&ck all 4K content now, but that will increase in the future. In regards to Rec.2020, yes, the LG will not be able to do it, but neither will any 1080p panel either. However, the LG will be able to do 4K. Whether that's important to the poster, only he can determine that. If it was my money, I'd pony up the extra $400-$500.
  7. Yep agreed. I did qualify my statement by saying in the future he may end up utilising the 4K feature set of the tv depending on changing circumstances. Better to have the capability then not have it just in case it is needed. We're talking a few hundred dollars so nothing extravagant. Best to plan ahead I say! The link you've provided is for a 55inch tv. The gent said his partner would only accept a maximum of 50inch, which is why I've included a link for a 49inch. Cheers
  8. Hi mate, welcome to Oz Yep, this is where the Oz tv market is headed. I'd get this if I was in your position. http://www.harveynorman.com.au/tv-blu-ray-home-theatre/tvs/tvs/lg-49-4k-ultra-hd-led-lcd-3d-capable-smart-tv.html It is Skype ready but you have to purchase a camera such as this http://www.lg.com/au/tv-accessories/lg-AN-VC500 So all up $1700 with the camera. Less the $150 cash back promo makes it $1550 prior to haggling. You should be able to walk away with a price of $1400 possibly less. For the sake of a few hundred dollars between a 4K model and a non 4K model, I'd get the 4K model. Your circumstances can and will change in the future, so you may end moving this tv to another room, buying a larger tv and you may end up indeed utilising the 4K capabilities of this tv. Cheers
  9. No mate, a $100 cable or a $10 cable will not make one jot of difference to the image or sound quality. That $100 cable may be better constructed and use better materials, but it will not make one iota of difference to what's being displayed and/or heard. Satisfy your own curiosity, grab said $100 cable, grab said $10 cable and see for yourself. Return $100 cable The biggest mistake is spending money unnecessarily on components that make no quantifiable difference.......and thinking that it does make a difference. There is nothing wrong per se in spending $5000.00 on a 2 metre hdmi cable so long as you're aware that it doesn't make a difference to what is being heard and seen. You may like the look of that cable, you may like having a $5000.00 cable, nothing wrong with that, it's your money, but just know there is no difference to what's being output. Spend your money on the most visceral aspects of home theatre, that is, the screen and speakers. Edited becoz of gramah
  10. Hey Stinkfinger I also have a Yamaha 3075. I'm sure it's in the manual but since you're hooking up a Denon AVR to the Yamaha, I'll ask you. I have an older Marantz AVR which I'd like to hook up to my Yamaha, primarily for for playing music, spotify, itunes etc in to two other zones/rooms. So basically, I'd like to run two speakers to each of the zones making 4 speakers in total. Would it be a correct assumption that if I was to do this, whaterver audio is playing on the Yamaha will be output to the "new zones" and volume level would also be controlled via the Yamaha? I'm currently running my Yamaha in 7.1 mode. From memory, the specs on the Yamaha are 9.1 "expandable" to 11.1. Thanks
  11. Mmmm....interesting. Wonder how much they'll be in Oz when they land. That article you linked mentions an OLED 65inch @ 4K resolution. Now we're talking! Opening price of $3.5k (55inch) augurs well for subsequent price drops. Maybe I should've waited a little longer prior to purchasing a VT60. Hmmm (must... refrain... from... buying)
  12. Which is why no one is complaining about IR from the Movie channels
  13. I'll give you these two analogies. It's akin to choosing either a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, Megan Gale or Miranda Kerr........you get my drift....you'll be more than happy with either Since you don't have a sundrenched room, you can base your decision purely on availability and price.
  14. I think a combination of factors are involved here. High contrast settings on a VT60 does not endear itself to avoiding image retention, so lower your contrast and set a preset where Pixel Orbiter is active. Overly bright and ostentatious Fox sports logos also contribute to image retention. Finally, no ad breaks (AFL Foxtel coverage) will also contribute to image retention. Whilst no ad breaks contribute to the enjoyment of the sport you're watching, the probability of channel logos burning in to your set are greatly increased. With FTA channel 7 AFL coverage, commercials commence once a goal has been scored giving the set some respite from the logo. Various forum contributors have stated that non-sports channels on Foxtel are inundated with commercials, so this could possibly go a long way to explain why the Fox sports logos seem to be culprit with image retention. I rarely, rarely watch anything other than the sports package on Fox (wish Fox would offer sports as a stand alone package) although I do notice the frequency of commercials when watching non-sports channels.
  15. You done well Nutmeg. My folks remote was playing up a couple of months ago. I rang up on their behalf and was eventually offered one at half price, i.e $15. Initially they wanted $30 for it.
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