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  1. Thanks for the quick reply d4g. I should have mentioned that I've installed 4 x Krix Atmospherix A20 for the height channels.
  2. I've also been looking at the XPA-5 but was wondering whether the PVA-4 might be suitable for running 4 height channels in an Atmos setup?
  3. Will you be selling your P7, if so I'd be interested in it if the price is right?
  4. I'm on the lookout for an Arcam P7 or P777. Happy to take either silver or black. Many thanks, Marcus
  5. Yes that would be great if you could find out please. Dimensions are 17cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 48cm (D) and it weighs 11.2kg. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative projector lift to UltraLift? I'm struggling to see the value in paying $5k for a projector lift but can't seem to find any alternatives. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Hi Lonewolf, you are indeed first in line. I have PM'd you my contact details. I'd much rather see the equipment get put to good use and enjoyed by other enthusiasts. I'm sure I could have got more but they've served me well so I'm happy to let them go. Thanks for the interest.
  8. Hi Lonewolf, Turramurra is in Sydney (north shore). Cheers, Marcus
  9. I've had my Panasonic VT50 for a few weeks now and I'm absolutely over the moon with it. To my eyes it is a big step up from both of my other Panasonic 50" units and also better than my Samsung 46" Series 7 LCD TV. I know it is slightly more expensive but in my opinion the picture quality justifies it.
  10. Hi all, Due to lack of space in our new house I'm going to have to part with my trusty Pioneer PDP-505. Picture quality is still very good by todays standards and has plenty of life left in it but it's simply too big for our new bedroom. Price: $100 ono. Other stuff that I'm clearing out: Model: Marantz DV9500 (former flagship DVD/CD/SACD player) - $100 Model: Topfield TF7000HT - $50 Buyers must be able to collect from Turramurra.
  11. Screen now sold. Thanks everyone for your interest. It's going to be hard not to cry when it goes.
  12. I hope that starts with the first games this weekend. Go Rangers! ?
  13. But I'm sure if one of your mates had one you'd be around there all the time watching various sporting events or movies.
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