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  1. That is fantastic news as It means a lot of TV's can now benefit from HD using the Magic TV. Some of the high end HD CRT's by Sony and Panasonic only have component input so if you own one of them you are in luck. I reckon the Magic TV people are right on the ball with the firmware upgrades!

    Caused me a moment of panic though, set up a friends magic on a crt via component then did the upgrade and lost picture. Sorted it by accessing the the magic menu via composite.

  2. Try this instead: Press OK to bring up the channel list on your PVR then hold down an arrow key to get from one end to the other.

    Ahh! see what you mean. Doesn't worry me so much, only thing that bothers me and prevents me from recommending it unreservedly is the lack of being able to scroll thru channel info without changing channel (aka foxtel and topfield).

    Oh! and one other thing but don't know who to blame, magic could have made one more learning button or yamaha could have made the on/off button the same on there earlier amps as they have done with the new ones.

  3. Hey guys,

    I'm just after a little bit of help. My parents have an old analogue tuner Pioneer DVD/HDD recorder and I'd like to replace it with a REALLY basic HD PVR, I don't even care about the EPG as they like manually programming the actual time of their recordings. I use WDTVs throughout my house for media playback and would like something as simple and basic as these that they can record digital TV with. Doesn't need media player features but could be a bonus as they current use a Pioneer DV220K to play DivX from USB and I'm starting to move to mkv rather than DivX. Can be internal hard drive or external USB storage. Doesn't need to be transferable to PC as they watch and delete.

    Is there anything like that? I recently saw a cheap Astone MP-300T advertised but apparently the PVR side of that is pretty poor to use.

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm really impressed by the 'magic', it's missing a couple of good features of the toppo but it has other features that make it a stand-out for ease of use/simplicity. I'm going to give it the ultimate test by taking one up to the oldies next weekend to see how they go. It has a very good remote with a bonus of four learning buttons which could be used to turn TV on/off, volume control of TV or amp, and tv inputs for example. Not sure of media capabilities as I just use laptop hdmi into amp where required.

    I saw the magic at HN (freeview) and was talked out of it and went for a toppo, after reading the magic thread I decided to grab one from Crazystu to compare. Have since ordered three more, one for parents and other two for friends.

  4. My MTV4000TD arrived yesterday. Updated to 5.04AU firmware just now. Some random questions/thoughts:

    And no "key repeat"? i.e. you can't just hold-down the volume control, you have to press the button repeatedly.

    I have my volume set for yamaha amp and there are no problems with volume repeat, have not tried with TV as I don't use TV volume but would have thought it to be the same.

  5. I assume that the maker just states what size hard drive is installed, therefore not misleading in any way. Some memory used for SW and some kept aside for time slip ops.

    While on the 7160 topic does anyone else's have a mind of it's own and record random programs that it thinks I might like (which I don't)?

  6. I think it's a good idea to get twin out for a couple of reasons. A 'BD only' input can be used into the TV without overscan or need for upscaling, overscan and processing can be used for other devices connected thru your amp such as pvrs and DVD players that benefit from it. Also use HDMI to amp to get HD audio.

  7. I'd try to lowball them.. I guess worse comes to worse I'd skip my afterwork life and just use public transport for my daily working commute. Unsure if the places I'm going to have Toyota or not, will need to check..

    $30k seems like a lot. But then again, doesn't seem to be so in the real world... :( :( I wish I can put that on Red, or Black... :wub: :wub:

    I'd expect quite a bit of change if looking at a Corolla that you could put on red or black. Red must be the go! haven't had much luck with black :lol:

  8. If you're gonna keep it for a while better off buying four cyl/small cars new. Falcodores good value second hand, not so with small cars.

    Stick with the jap cars for best value/reliability/resale. The euros are pretty flashy and exciting but not good long term.

    Mazda 3 on fire at the moment, as someone else mentioned servicing over the top.

    Can't go past a Corolla, bit dated but cheap, reliable, good resale, and fixed price servicing.

    Visit as many dealers as you can and let them know thats what you're going to do. Also keep reminding them that there's no trade-in, you'd be surprised with how low they'll go!

    My 2c, happy hunting!

  9. I would have to disagree

    With external HDDs/NAS storage so cheap these days, and the internet and NBN allowing fast downloads and streaming of HD content, physical discs are not the future - not the one that I see at least. I never had a DVD recorder. Went from VCR to PVR and never looked back. Sure you still need a disc spinner for the odd occasion that you want to watch a BD/DVD or listen to a CD that's not been ripped, but burning your own discs is pretty much in the past.

    Just my 2c

    Back-up!... without multiple 'backup' would a BD be the safest long term storage for precious memories at present? :)

  10. ATM runing it with left and right, white and red cords.

    I want to run optical, plug cord into unit then yammy 1800b , nothing happening , apart from setting it to the input ) cd this one) is there something else i have to do.

    I have never ran optical before

    It's possible that you have CD input on yammy set to analog rather than auto.

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