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  1. In case there was a simple config problem here , I got Serviio working with both the blueray & tv with no problems. I suspect they dont support the default Generic profile that serviio uses, I found that setting profile to Samsung C would allow the Tv to find the service, and set to Samsung B that both the TV + Bluray would find it. I had generally better success with MPC-HC on my htpc playing my files, which are mostly 720p/1080p mkv. I used a wired connection, but as long as the TV or BR found the wireless & assigned an IP address you should get the same results. The files I tried seemed to get Transcoded rather than played directly but looked fine. I am not srre what formats of video/audio are supported direclt to avoid the transcode, and as I had the htpc in place anyway i will just stick with that. but for anyone with media files & no other option it does seem to be a somewhat useful mechanism.
  2. I'll add another unit to the Unrepairable column, warranty people offered a payout on my 60" & I think that is the preferrable option. 3 years of heavy usage seems to be a good life for these.
  3. The warranty people have now offered to payout on the Tv equal to the repair cost, which doesn't surprise me though I am pleased they aren't offering me a lesser value. I think I will be happy enough with that outcome, with the arrival of 3d Tv I thnk I might be interested in shopping for something in that area.
  4. My 60" SXRD was picked up by SSS Electronics on 16th, I gave them a call today as I not heard anything yet. They confirmed that the optical block had failed, and they had quoted a $3000 repair price to the warranty company. The chap I spoke with also confirmed that they had a replacement unit available in stock which was a surprise. I have just called the warranty company to see what happens next & they have flagged the claim for followup, hopefully I will hear back from them soon. As the part is available I would hope it gets repaired, but the SSS chap mentioned that as I only paid $4000 for the tv that the warranty people may decide to pay me out instead or offer an exchange. It sounds lke the people with 70" SXRD dealing with Sony directly are getting a reasonable outcome, I would be disappointed if the warranty company decides to short change me & pay me a pittance instead of repairing this unit.
  5. I have been reading this thread for a couple of years, now I may as well add to the saga as my 60" SXRD seems to have developed the same OB problem as many other people have come across. This Tv had always presented a beautiful vibrant picture, but a couple months back I noticed that peoples skin-tones on shows were becoming oddly orange looking. By adjusting the colour settings I was able to get something that sort of looked okay, but it was never as natural & realistic as it once was and became increasingly disapointing to view. Over the weekend I reverted all the settings to standard & was dismayed at how badly the picture came out. Everything now seems to have a green tinge - even running a graduated grey-scale test screen produces a horrible yellow-green smear across the picture. I bought the TV at DSE in mar 07, and at that time they offered an extended warranty through Prestige Protection for a total of 5 years cover, so I took them up on that for a pretty reasonable price. I could not find too many mentions of this warranty company while searching various tech forums, just a few laptops seemed to come up. I suppose I will find out now how well they perform. Starting the claim process seems to have been pretty painless, and they have booked a visit on friday from SSS Electronics who seem to be pretty well recommended via other posts in this thread. I am pretty certain from what I have read here that my problem will be OB related, and with the recent discussions around lack of spares from Sony I am pessimistic about a likely repair situation. I will just hope for a sensible outcome for now.
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