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  1. Typical just brought 8 of these from DJCity this week. GLWTS
  2. Have already spent that much on them
  3. looking to spend around $2k give or take...
  4. Unfortunately that's beyond me lol, I believe there are better power adaptors you can buy though? Thanks for the helpful advise..
  5. Thanks DarkNark, I do own a SVS PB-2000 so I'm sorted for nice tight low bass
  6. That's good to know Hydrology, thanks for the advise..
  7. Probably not missing a whole lot, but the music part is a big piece of my enjoyment of my system, and I'm sure I could get a boost as its going through my Marantz amp, so a good DAC or separate amp would improve the quality...
  8. Just opinions really, I'm sorta leaning towards something like a Peachtree Nova 150, as this will improve both movie and music, as opposed to just music if I get a new DAC....
  9. Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advise, My current system is a Marantz SR6013 AV Amp, B&W 705s2 front speakers, B&W HTM71s2 Centre with 4 B&W M-1s in surround duties and 4 Yamaha NS IC800 speakers for Atmos. I enjoy music and movies in equal measure, so what be the most worthwhile upgrade path, all my music comes from a pc connected through a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 into the Marantz. So would I be better served in buying a better DAC or getting an intergrated amp with built in DAC and HT Bypass? TIA.
  10. Item: Pioneer SC-LX87 AV Reciever Location:Banksia Grove,Perth WA Price: 999 ono. Item Condition:8/10 only because of a scratch on the display,all else is mint. Reason for selling:Have brought a new receiver Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Please look up the specs on this monster amp,as there is way too many to list here. Pictures:
  11. I would say just enjoy the speakers improving over a few weeks of normal listening
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