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  1. I'll be heading back out there soon and will take all this into consideration. I'll let you guys know what I find.
  2. I will have another play with it and see what i come up with. It tests fine at every point and the antenna. everything is new, masthead amp, kingray type. it played up while i was there but when i tested it it didnt show any issues. it does it on both tvs, so i dont think its the cable, i even replaced both cables and it still does it. no trees in the way but it is a low area. houses etc in the way. I cant remember the db reading from the antenna but I might work on it being an interference issue with the booster. thanks for the help
  3. Hey guys. Need some input on a consistent issue I'm having. A customer was having bad reception issues and wanted their whole system upgraded. I replaced cabling, antenna, booster, everything. They are still having reception issues. I went around recently to test it and my meter had perfect readings. Around 68db, 3e8 ber, 27mer. Every channel was this or better.. They seem to have the issue at night more than anything and ever time I test it, it tests perfect. Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. Hey guys, i bought a Rover Master STC as it was a foxtel approved meter. Didnt use for foxtel at all. It was purchased second hand and now I'm looking to sell it. Works great, never had any issues. doesnt come with the software though as i never got it when i bought it or used it. If anyone is interested in this please let me know. I'm wanting around $1200 for it but i also might be asking to much. So best offer might be accepted. bit of wear on the front but other than that its great, battery hasnt been charged for about 3 months and it still has 90% charge. if you would like photos let me know and i will email them through. Thanks Chris
  5. Hey guys, I had this meter for sale and sent it off for a re calibration and frequency update, unfortunately i left the battery inside and it knocked off a capacitor. its too small for me to solder and wondered if anyone on here could do it? The only issue is, one side broke the solder off the board the other side broke the pad off the board. I'm not even sure if this is repairable? https://db.tt/YKz71jmf you should be able to view it here ^^ there
  6. Hey guys, did one of these installations and the customer has every channel except WIN. they have 8pm news every night but thats it. How do they get local channels and programs? down in Warrnambool so comes from ballarat. cheers
  7. Fox box hdmi out - hdmi splitter - 1 to current tv Hdmi splitter port 2 - hdmi cable - hdmi to cat5/6 converter - cat5/6 - hdmi to cat5/6 converter - hdmi cable to tv
  8. Mbozo, what did you use to make sure you had the best signal when installing these? Did you just use a radio tuned to the station?
  9. Hey guys, I've been asked to replace a customers system. Current setup. Austar, media streamer, stb, dvd player all connect to a resilinx 4 way analogue modulator (RLRF145) and then this connects to their powered splitter (RLRF380) which is also resilinx. this is then distributed to two of 3 rooms. two of the rooms have a Older version to the RLRF900 connected to them for remote control functions. the 3rd room being the home theatre has a demodulator for the fta (no longer works as there is not enough signal) and a few RLIR305's installed to control the bits a pieces there but everything is running over coax. now it is possible for us to change to cat5 if that is a better option. there are 3 available at the home theatre room for internet and the distribution of the devices listed here first. 1 i assume will be internet only and the other 2 can be dedicated to bringing the video and audio. the other two rooms dont currently have cat5 but it can be installed since its the top floor of the house. what im wanting to know is whats the best equipment for the job to get this system working perfectly. They are wanting to be able to get fta, and austar to the ht room as well as the media server. so a quad something is whats needed. dvd, austar and stb are def needed. however i could get an stb to sit behind the one of the tvs and bring it down to a two way something. so austar can be sent to each room as well as the dvd player. any ideas on where to start would be great. hope this isnt too hard to understand. appreciate it.
  10. Thanks mbozo, satisfied my needs again! Ill price one of them up, cheers
  11. Hey guys, Has anyone seen a compact FM Antenna? I have seen the likes of the hills and digitek they are the smallest ive come across at 1m long by nearly 2 m wide. Basically i need an fm antenna that will be bolted to a hockey stick and it will be installed near port campbell in vic. its mainly for abc radio and hes requested a compact one.. i just dont think its possible though. any help is always appreciated. regards Chris
  12. Sdl they are video, I'm looking for audio only. Not much available in the way of audio only like the lef system unfortunately
  13. Hey, Looking for a system that does what the aiphone LEF system can do except i want it to look good. Basically i need a door station, 1x master station and 3 slaves. master can talk to all at once or individual units and slaves can talk to the master or individual units. has to use the same cable as well as the units are daisy chained the way the lef system needs it. any ideas on where i can look would be great. Thanks!
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