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  1. I now find myself in a situation that I have to consider replacing my Cambridge 851W power amp. The unit has once again developed a fault. This is the 2nd time the 5.5 years of owning this unit I have developed a fault. I got it fixed 2 years ago but this time I don't think I will bother. However this time, when I powered on the unit, went into protect mode blinked 5 times then went back into standby (the night before it was working). I did this test with no speakers connected and just won't power on normally. So am now looking at something different, different brand. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 60 v5. AM thinking of maybe getting the Yamaha A-S1100 Integrated Amplifier. I thought about getting a different brand power amp (like the Marantz MM7025), but what if my pre-amp (851E) should all of a sudden stop working.
  2. I am deciding on getting a PS4 myself, but to be honest I cannot justify paying the high price at this stage. I want to get Killzone but to spend that much money for 1 game is just not worth it
  3. Hoping someone can shed some light on this, but sometimes depending on the day I notice when watching TV, there is picture breakup sometimes it so bad it just aint worth watching. Not sure if its depending on how bad weathe ris, or some other interferance, in which case if I would need some kind of interferance blocker of some sort?
  4. Actually may consider the 42", I think the viewing distance be more than 3m so yeah that maybe a good idea the 42"
  5. Hi all, would like some suggestions here, as I am looking around for a new TV for my grandfather. He is nearly 90, so I am trying to find something if can that is simple to use. At the moment, currently has my spare HT set top box for use with existing TV, but this has proved to be more difficult, a remote control for this, another remote control for that, and being the age, I think it would be easy to have a new TV instead. Looking for a 32inch, preferably one that isnt those glossy screen finish as they are annoying. Thanks
  6. I myself am looking for a home theater setup myself, but doing an upgrade. Bascially, I iwll be using my existing yamaha 663, and plan to either get one of those Emotiva UPA 7 or XPA 5. THe question I am asking myself which one should I go for? Speakers I am using are the Wharfedale DIamond 9 range, (9.3, 9.cm, and 9.1s) I am thinking the UPA 7 would be more than sufficient, my first priority is HT, second priority is music (but my HT setup is only 5.1). SO I either get a UPA 7 to bi amp the mains, or just have the XPA 5?
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